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15 Best 4K TVs in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!
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Are you looking for the 15 best 4k Tvs in India 2022? You are in the right place. We’ve included 15 4k Tvs along with your Shopping Guide ratingspros and cons, and FAQs to help you find the one that’s right for you

But buying the best 4K TV in India 2022 can be a very stressful job. When there are many of the best brands of LED TVs in India, which offer different models with various functions, you cannot randomly select any TV with 4k LED.

There are so many factors to consider.

Then, after much research and analysis of more than hundreds 4K TVs, we have compiled this list of the best 4K LED TVs in India 2022 for online purchase.

This list is for those in whom the budget is not a factor and expect the best experience and the product rich in functions that money can buy.

So, without further delay, explore the list of the best 4K TVs in India 2022.

Table of Contents

Best 4K TVs in India 2022 (43 inch )

1. LG 43 Inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF

New LG 43UM7290PTF 4K smart TV loaded with amazing features and amazing picture quality through 4K Active HDR. It is lightweight and has a metallic design. Key features include: IPS 4K screen, wide viewing angle, Apple Air Play2, Virtual DTS: X, 20-watt sound, 4K scaler, web operating system, AI Launcher start panel (with preview), magic mobile connection, Quad Core processor, cloud photo and 2-way Bluetooth video and audio playback.

Quad-core processor: The fast and precise quad-core processor eliminates noise and creates more dynamic colors and contrasts. True color accuracy: the slightest color difference is accurately reflected to offer sharper and more realistic colors. Apple Airplay 2: Connect your Apple devices to your TV to play videos, music and photos directly on your TV. Wireless sound: connect the Bluetooth headphones or the sound / HTS bar wirelessly with the TV via 2-way Bluetooth connectivity.

This TV recommended by Netflix offers a wide range of entertainment. Another positive aspect of this TV is the universal remote function. This remote control can control all the devices connected to your TV, such as the sound bar, the decoder, the smartphones, the home theater systems, etc.

2. Samsung 43 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA43NU6100 

This 4K LED TV is new and amazing. This LED Smart TV that guarantees image quality. This Smart LED TV has a 4K IPS screen, Virtual X DTS HD and multidimensional audio. The smart LED TV has a magic remote control to operate all compatible devices. As for the design, it has a metallic design.

These 4k LED TVs allow you to enjoy perfect and multidimensional audio sound that comes from all angles. This smart LED TV has a fast and accurate quad-core processor to reduce noise and more vibrant color contrast. You can feel detailed details of the 4K content.

WIth 60K + titles: get big with your entertainment Enjoy the best UHD content on a big screen and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment like you’ve never seen it before.

3. Kodak 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV XPRO 43FHDXPRO

Kodak 108cm (43 inches) Full HD XPRO comes equipped with a number of different features, such as the IPS zero point panel, a piano black finish body and an ultra-thin bezel.

As a result, you can enjoy an immersive audiovisual experience in an aesthetically pleasing design.

Use your TV for all possible forms of entertainment that include streaming, games, movies, music and much more. Enjoy and have fun in the way you like best with the multiple connectivity options.

Now socialize, see the world through the Internet, connect with your loved ones, all through smart TV. Control your TV with your smartphone / tablet to your liking.

The powerful built-in 20 W output speakers ensure that you hear every sound in detail. With perfection flowing, entertainment is provided at its finest. The TV comes with 8GB of ROM + 1GB of RAM that provides improved performance and experience.

4. TCL 43-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43P65US

TCL is another recognized TV brand that is found in many homes in India. They have also ventured into the 4K LED TV manufacturing sector. These televisions come with exceptional features.

TVs come with 4K UHD Up-Scaling technology. Convert high quality UHD content to improve your visual experience. Micro Dimming function thoroughly analyzes the video content in 1080 zones and adjusts the brightness accordingly to ensure high quality viewing.

HDR technology reproduces dazzling light and dark tones to make viewing a pleasure. The sport mode is one of the best aspects of this TV, as it guarantees the optimization of the image and sound to the best possible extent. This TV comes with a dual core CPU and GPU to allow fluid multitasking.

It is a smart TV that allows viewers to enjoy content from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime and other channels. The intelligent volume function adjusts the volume of the channels accordingly to deliver optimal sound. The built-in Alexa is a welcome feature, as it helps you stream your music and videos with ease.

T-Cast is an integrated function of TCL TVs. You can easly connect your smartphone with your TV and operate the TV using it. It also allows you to stream content from the screen of your smartphone to the big screen. The one-click Netflix button is a welcome feature that makes it convenient to watch your favorite UHD content. TCL TVs come with Dolby 5.1 surround sound to provide an immersive experience. The presence of the Dolby decoder optimizes the sound quality of the TV.

Best 4K TVs in India 2022 (49 Inch & 50 Inch)

5. Samsung 125 cm (50 Inches) Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA50NU6100

Samsung UA43NU6100 Real 4K allows you the smallest details in any scene. Unbox Live Cast helps you stream your experiences from anywhere on the Samsung TV screen.

This TV Screen Mirroring allows synchronization of your smartphone with your TV to ensure you enjoy your videos on the big screen. Unbox Tune Station adds a visual experience to your music by turning the TV into a virtual music system.

Samsung Cloud allows you to connect seamlessly with other Samsung smart devices and share content. Turn your Samsung TV into a computer so you can also work on it.

Therefore, you can use it to complete your last tasks by downloading the Office files from your computer. The SmartThings application offers interesting features such as screen mirroring and works as a remote control unit. Installing this function is easy since you need a compatible Samsung device.

6. Sony Bravia 123 cm (49 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD-49X7002G

This TV has a clean cable management system where it is possible to hide the cables from view. Placing it behind the TV and holding it in place with a cable holder gives it a neat appearance.

Image quality is the best aspect of Sony Bravia TVs. This TV comes with 4K HDR to highlight the brightness of HDR videos with exceptionally clear images.

The 4K X-Reality PRO function helps you rediscover every detail. The Triluminos screen brings a wide range of colors to the screen and improves your visual experience. Motionflow XR allows you to enjoy every action by watching action movies and sporting events.

Sony Bravia comes with an excellent audio speaker system consisting of Clear Audio + technology and Bass reflex speakers. Ensures a deeper sound and a more luxurious experience. Clear Audio + helps segregate music dialogues to help you enjoy your movies better.

Connect with high-speed internet connection to enjoy a perfect viewing experience on the TV. Watch your favorite movies on Netflix, Amazon prime, youtube.

The Smart Plug & Play feature helps you connect your smartphone. Other features include X-Protection PRO & screen mirroring that protects the device from dust, power outages and short circuits.

7. LG 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE

The televisions come with IPS screen, so it is also comfortable to see the action from the widest angles. This 4K screen can reproduce more than one billion colors to produce a realistic image. 4K HDR provides delicate detail with a wide range of contrast.

This LG TV is compatible with HDR10 and HLG Pro to introduce a new image quality standard.

LG TV offers excellent sound to match its exceptional image quality. DTS Virtual-X technology produces a multidimensional sound. Connect your headphones or Bluetooth soundbar to enjoy wireless music.

This LG TV comes with a robust processor that allows multitasking. The built-in WiFi allows perfect Internet connectivity, so sharing your photos and videos becomes very easy. Sharing content from your phones and other devices to see the content in full glory on the big screen.

This TV is a Netflix recommended TV that allows you to watch unlimited Netflix content. The magic remote control is the outstanding feature of this LG TV. It allows you to control and easily operate your smart TV, set-top box, soundbar and other devices connected to it with one touch.

Verdict: LG has exemplary models in all categories, from the 32-inch model to the 65-inch premium and more. This 49-inch LG TV is a favorite, as it provides great value for the money you spend on it.

8. Mi LED TV 4X 125.7 cm (50) 4K Ultra HD Android TV

The Mi TV 4X 50 has a standard design. Although it doesn’t sound bad, it’s not surprising. It follows the standard design seen in the 4A Pro and 4X Pro. This Tv bezels are quite narrow and the TV is not very sharp, but the build quality is much better than that of the 4A Pro. Instead of the matte edges that are seen in My TV 4A Pro, the company has opted for bright bezels here. The bottom bezel bears the company logo and underneath there is a small chin with a power LED and a hidden power button.

The TV can be mounted on the wall or placed on the desk using the included brackets. Wall brackets must be purchased separately. All connectivity ports are placed near the right edge of the screen, making them relatively easy to access. The USB and HDMI ports are placed on the side, while the A / V connector and the LAN port are placed on the bottom edge.

The Mi TV 4X 50 is priced at Rs 29,999, which is similar to the Mi TV 4A Pro. The price is bright and can withstand some of its inconveniences, although not all. If you compare it with the 4A Pro, there are some important improvements, such as image audio quality, audio, compilation, compatibility with Prime Video and Netflix. But some long-standing problems, such as boot time, access to audio/video settings, lack of some basic functions on the remote control, etc., have been retained once again. You must also deal with incredible contrasts and errors in the Prime Video application.

If you can live with these specifications, it is also what you will like about the Mi TV 4X 50, such as the reproduction of vibrant colors, the correction of non-4K content and clean audio. After all, it is a very good purchase and exceeds a lot of all exchanges for its initial price.

Best 4K TVs in India 2022 (55 Inch)

9. LG 139 cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD

New 4K LG 55UM7290 4K smart TV with amazing features and amazing picture quality through 4K active HDR. It is lightweight and has a metallic design. Key features include: IPS 4K screen, wide viewing angle, Apple Air Play2, Virtual DTS: X, 20-watt sound, 4K scaler, web operating system, AI Launcher start panel (with preview), magic mobile connection, Quad Core processor, cloud photo and 2-way Bluetooth video and audio playback.

It’s just amazing. Excellent image quality The details are simply bright. Moving on to the installation, it is really easy and you can do it yourself unless it is a wall bracket, which is required by the installation team. The LG installation team was quick and responsive and came to install the product on the day of delivery itself, but I had already installed it and just checked it to provide a demonstration, updated my warranty and clarified my doubts.

Also, you don’t need a magic remote control unless you want to use voice control functionality and AI tricks. If you want to use the mouse scroll, you can download the LG Smart ThinQ application on your phone and that’s it.

However, there is a problem, since this is not an Android-based television, the transmission is not compatible with some devices, namely Moto phones, but it works with all Android One devices and the YouTube cast also works on all devices. In addition, the app store is a bit poor since apps like JioTV, AirtelTV and Hooq are not available. However, problems related to hooq can be solved with a premium hotstar subscription and the transmission quality in hotstar is better than that of hooq. It is also important to keep in mind that the web browser is below average, since it does not support many web technologies.

10. Samsung 138 cm (55 Inches) Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA55NU6100

Samsung Tune Station adds a visual experience to your music by turning the TV into a virtual music system. Screen Mirroring allows synchronization of your smartphone with your TV to ensure you enjoy your videos on the big screen.

With 60K + titles ensure that you get your share of UHD content on the TV. Lag-free Gaming is an absolute delight for players since they can play continuously for long hours

Samsung Cloud allows you to connect seamlessly with other Samsung smart devices and share content. Turn your Samsung TV into a computer so you can also work on it.

Therefore, you can use it to complete your last tasks by downloading the Office files from your computer. The SmartThings application offers interesting features such as screen mirroring and works as a remote control unit. Installing this function is easy since you need a compatible Samsung device.

11. Sony Bravia 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart OLED TV KD-55A8G

The Sony Bravia A8G series LED TVs come with OLED to provide exceptional clarity with more than 8 million self-illuminated pixels. Therefore, you can distinguish between the deepest blacks and the brightest whites.

Sony images are always in perfect harmony thanks to the 4K X-Reality PRO function. Discover the secrets of HDR with this premium Sony Bravia LED TV.

The 4K HDR processor X1 processor brings each image to life, thus providing the total value of the money you spend. Sony TVs come with native display technologies. These A8G series come with Display Triluminos to offer additional colors and extra brightness.

The best aspect of Sony TVs is that they offer the best audio performance to match the excellent image quality. This Sony TV features acoustic surface audio technology and Clear Audio + fine tuning to ensure surround audio and provide a cinema experience in your living room.

This Sony Bravia TV is a Smart TV that works on the Android operating system with built-in WiFi. The Google Assistant is available to help you find everything on the Internet. Chromecast’s built-in feature allows you to stream content from your smartphones on the big screen.

Other features include Dolby Vision, IR-Blaster remote control and access to Amazon Prime Video and many more attractive applications.

Verdict: Sony Bravia is one of the best Tv when it comes to premium LED TVs in any category in india. This 55-inch LED TV is no different

12. Samsung 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q60RAKXXL

Samsung is a renowned manufacturer of QLED TVs, one of the best technologies to deliver images of the highest quality. In addition, Samsung TV comes with other interesting features.

Quantum Dot technology produces more than one billion shades of colors to allow a bright display of color, contrast and clarity. The Quantum HDR 4X function adjusts the lighting frame by frame to express the unique brightness of each moment.

The AI ​​scaling function reduces image noise and sharpens the edges around the object to provide exemplary clarity. The intelligent QLED mode adjusts the intensity of the screen to match the light in the room. It also changes the volume of each channel accordingly to match the content of the TV.

The Samsung TV is equipped with a 4K quantum processor to optimize viewing conditions. The ambient mode allows you to say goodbye to black screens and transform it into a canvas of meaningful lifestyle.

Samsung TV allows you to maintain the ideal balance between fun and work by allowing you to use it as a PC. Home Cloud allows you to save your data wirelessly and automatically.

The live streaming and two-way exchange functions are some of the unique features available on this TV.

Samsung turns its television into a virtual music system and improves the sound quality so that its rhythms look and sound better. Other features of this smart TV include compatibility with Airplay 2 and Google Assistant services. The universal remote control makes it convenient to control and operate the TV and other connected devices.

13. VU 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HDR Smart LED TV 55BPX

The price of 35k for a 55-inch television itself is a great option. One needs to know that it is an economical television, so do not expect image quality Oled, Amoled, etc. But how big is the difference of such a premium screen, the reality is very low.

The bright images don’t really have a problem and you wouldn’t see a big difference in the quality of a premium TV. Now, when it comes to dark screen images, in most situations the screen is handled quite well, in some cases a dark grayscale is shown sometimes, which is still insignificant, that is the only difference between a Premium quality screen and this screen. An easy way to see this screen is when the TV is turned on, the operating system is on a dark gray scale that clearly shows the difference.

I have to add that this is not very interesting, it is not really a big problem or even a small problem compared to a premium TV.

Now that it’s about smart TV features, it’s not Android or Apple Universe, so there are limited apps in the store. But the most important thing is that Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube are available, which solves most of the user’s requirements, otherwise, it can broadcast its screen, which is integrated into the operating system. Even if the casting does not work, a Chromecast should cover all other requirements.

When it comes to games, the image quality is amazing and adds Xbox One X to the mix, 4K games make it a pleasure. After all, it is a great price and of good quality and without spending a lakh or more on a premium TV.

Verdict: The installation was also easy, sent the application in WhatsApp and the engineer would come and install, of course, wall mounting is the reason you need an engineer to install yourself.

14. OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K QLED TV 55Q1IN Pro

The QLED Picture screen with 4K UHD is the main attraction of this OnePlus Q1Pro TV. This screen uses the VA (Vertical Alignment) panel with QLED backlight. This technology is superior compared to typical LCD panels with LED lighting.

It offers a higher degree of contrast and better colors. This TV comes with an excellent resolution of 3840 X 2160p resulting in a pixel density of 80ppi. Therefore, it implies that you must watch television from a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

The presence of the sound bar distinguishes the OnePlus 55 Q1 Pro from the OnePlus 55 Q1. The configuration of eight speakers in the mobile sound bar takes the audio performance of this TV to rare levels. All these speakers combine to offer a 50W sound output.

The non-professional version does not have a separate sound bar but produces a similar audio output.

The TV works on the Android platform. Therefore, it comes with easy to use features. You also get access to popular apps like Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play Movies.

Perhaps, the absence of Netflix may act as a buffer, but may be available soon in the future. You always have the option to watch Netflix using an external device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This TV comes with more than adequate connectivity ports that include four HDMI ports and two USB ports. The TV is also compatible with Bluetooth and IR, along with the WiFi display

15. Mi LED TV 4 PRO 138.88 cm (55) Ultra HD Android TV

Mi TV has a decent design that includes plastic housing and edges. The TV can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall with the same happiness. There is enough space under the TV to place a soundbar or an X-Box if you place it on the table. The frameless screen makes it an extremely thin TV in all aspects. In general, it has a robust construction.

This Mi TV comes with appropriate connectivity ports (3 HDMI and 2 USB) to connect to your various smart devices such as smartphones, soundbar, digital camera and a home theater system. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity make this TV a complete entertainment package.

Powered by a high quality 64-bit quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, this TV offers excellent performance. Switching between applications is easy. The 8GB internal storage capacity allows you to install multiple applications.

This TV is compatible with 4K + HDR10 to ensure a fantastic visual experience. Dolby + DTS sound helps deliver excellent audio performance.

Operating the TV is a simple matter due to the easy-to-use universal remote control. Other interesting features include Google Voice Search, Chromecast integrated and PatchWall that automatically adapts to the latest trends.

15 Best 4K TVs in India (2022) – TV Buying Guide!

How to Choose the best Tv ?

Television is part of the Indian history and your new television could be your family’s best friend for years to come. So, no, it’s not like buying a toaster oven, you’ll want to do it, after all, before you spend thousands of hours watching it, you’ll have to spend a few choosing it. .              

What is 4K television? Worth OLED ? What about OLED vs LED ? And the problem: which television to buy? Our goal is to demystify and simplify. If you do n’t need to know, we won’t tell you. If it is a minor detail but it is always good to know, we will report it.                                           

In the end, we won’t know which TV is best for you & fits into your requirement. But you will, and that’s the whole idea & our goal.           

Quick Buying Guide 4k Tv!

If you only read one thing, read this.    

Here are the 7 most important things you should know (or do) when buying a TV, in a small format :           

  • Go with 4K (also known as Ultra HD) and make sure it has HDR. These are huge, the most important factors for the quality of the TV picture.   
  • The bigger, the better. Always. “I want to buy a small Smart TV , ” said no one. (Biggest + 4K nowadays = spectacular. Great . Wow.)                
  • Update your HDMI cable. It ‘s plumbing, and the extra Rs 500 -1000 /-  is worth more than it is worth. Get an HDMI cable worthy of your TV investment and see every pixel reproduced beautifully.             
  • Update the sound. Audio accounts for more than half the experience and your TV’s built-in speakers are not up to scratch. (In fact, they were actually better years ago.)  update with the hometheater system.          
  • Choose a trusted brand. We have a reputation for testing and examining brands. In short, we put them all in the drainer. Which TV brand is best? Three stand clearly above: LG , Sony and Samsung and Mi , and you ca n’t go wrong with any of them.                             
  • Purchase your new TV from an authorized dealer. Obtain manufacturer’s warranty, service and support. 
  •  Or just skip the rest and buy one: the best TVs of 2019 . Then take a foot-O. Now you have what the experts call some of the best TVs everywhere, at any cost.           

Our Formula In 10 Steps To Choose The Best TV For You!!

Step 1. Choose your price range!

The more you spend, the better the features.

Television prices have changed significantly over the past 3 to 5 years, and at this point, less than a piano, they are going to buy a magnificent high-end 42-inch 4K smart TV loaded with almost every feature you want in 4k Tv If you spend more, you can take the same thing, but at 43 or 65 inches … and with all the features under the sun. ( We will examine its characteristics as we go along.)                

More money also buys deeper blacks, better contrast, and a wider, richer color spectrum. (The deepest blacks are huge. You want deeper blacks .) And most importantly, more money will also give you a bigger screen, so let’s start there.                   

Step 2: Choose the size of your TV!      

The bigger, the better. Much better.  

Once upon a time, the family sofa & room size determined the size of the television. (As in: the further the sofa & room, the larger the TV.) But today’s TVs rewrite all the rules, so that’s it.      

In fact, the one thing each reviewer would be about current 4K TVs will tell you: the bigger the better. Go too small and you will regret it. This is how televisions are amazing these days, not only in terms of image but also in design. We went from big black boxes that take up space and collide with all of the incredibly thin and beautifully designed TVs that work with your room and range in size from 32 to 100 inches.

For example, when turned off, the Samsung Frame TV can not be distinguished from framed works of art. When turned on, it is an impressive 4K TV with all the features. And LG’s TV wallpaper is thin like a credit card, hangs close to magnets and seems to be taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.                        

Advice From Our Experts :-

  • The new mounting options TV you used to place your TV flush to the wall (as a sticker) or above the fireplace with the latest chimney supports that are really smart . The end effect: the TV occupies less space, looks smaller and is less intrusive. So if you roll your TV, go over. ( Plus , a wall mount means you don’t have to buy giant furniture to turn on the TV.)                                  
  • Keep in mind: a 65-inch TV has more than twice as much screen space as a 42-inch TV . (Strange but true. The geometry is great). With 65 or 75 inches, your television will transform your studio into a comfortable cinema . And don’t forget, TV screens are measured diagonally from corner to corner. Not from side to side.                          
  • Curved or flat? A curved TV will not look better than a flat TV, and in our opinion, curved TVs are a fashion. We vote no             
  • We can not say this many times and it is the biggest regret that we hear from new television buyers: “I was too small.” If you can make 55 inches, it is very likely that 65 inches will continue to work aesthetically, and you “I will be much happier in the end.          

Step 3. Choose OLED or LED!

Both are amazing, but one is better.

Let’s make it easy: although OLED is more expensive, it is by far the best imaging technology. Period. End of the story. To be clear: although OLED wins the image competition, a good 4K LED TV still offers a spectacular viewing experience, and the good ones come with the same Smart TV features as those of OLED TVs. Additionally, 4K LED TVs cost less than OLED TVs, which can potentially free up money for that killer soundbar or the amazing surround sound system you’ll need.                        

For him then , you can now skip the rest of this section, unless you want more details and a bit of TV history .        

The plasma came first. (By the way, nobody makes plasma TVs anymore). Then came the LCD (short for LCD) screen, which was amazing but had serious shortcomings. 

Then LCD technology improved and we got LCD / LED TVs or just LEDs for short. (Most TVs these days are LED TVs.) Then came OLED TVs (which stands for organic light-emitting diode). Finally, there is also something called QLED, but that’s just the name of Samsung for its particular line of high-end LED TVs.                

In other words: you will choose a TV with LED or OLED panel technology, and that’s all you need to know.    

So what are the specific differences between LED and OLED? So, it is in relation to the other :       

Price – LED TVs are cheaper than OLED TVs, although OLED prices are falling.

Picture – LED TVs are backlit, which means that light shines through a window to create the image. OLED TVs are not backlit. Instead, every pixel on a 4K OLED TV (and we’re talking about 8,847,360 pixels in total) turns on and off and adjusts on its own. The result = a much superior and more realistic image.          

Shine – LEDs and OLEDs work well in all lighting conditions. LEDs are particularly good in well-lit spaces and can be even brighter for sunny Florida rooms. OLED is spectacular in dimmers.        

Contrast – Since LED TVs cannot become completely dark, the details of the shadows suffer. With OLED, the colors stand out, black is real black (which is huge) and the contrast and shadow details are real.      

Black Levels – The deeper the blacks, the better the contrast. And the better the contrast, the better the image. Add to that: it will have not only the deep black, it’s the details in black that make a beautiful image. In other words: there is no competition here, the OLED nails are black.               

TV Depth – LED and OLED TVs are thin, but OLED is thinner. Some LED TVs have a thickness of 1/4 inch, but some OLED TVs are as thin as a pair of cards of credit . Warning: some televisions have a “bump” on the back which prevents a tight fit, but a professional installation can bury the bump on the wall for a perfectly flush appearance.    

Viewing Angles – Low-end LED TVs often have viewing angle issues: you have to sit directly in front of the TV to see the best picture. If you are on the side, the image will fade. (Important: make sure your TV looks good from several angles in your room!) This is not a problem with OLED technology: each viewing angle is optimal.  

Fast Action – LED TVs and OLEDs are sometimes faced with fast-acting content, like a football game , this is one of the most difficult things for a TV. A better TV is usually excellent with the factory settings, but they come with menu settings that improve quick action, although sometimes at the expense of the picture. (Your call to activate or deactivate it).   


Advice From Our Experts :-

  • If you really want to see an OLED contest against. LED side by side, visit a showroom near you and ask to watch a video of fireworks at night on both types of panels at the same time.       
  •   If you decide to opt for an LED TV, keep in mind that high-end LED TVs far outweigh low-end LED TVs. Take LG vs Vizio , for example. LG will have better blacks, better contrast, more dynamic color , and wider viewing angles .                    
  • 3D televisions: nobody makes them anymore. It was a passing fashion. (To tell the truth, it seems that people do not want to simply not wear 3D glasses all day). But if you really have your heart set on 3D, get a 4K 3D projector , not a screen TV .                              

Step 4. Choose the resolution for your TV!        

Go with 4K. Boom, it’s done. (Hint: gain more pixels. And 4K has 6 million pixels more than normal HD).        

We will clarify this first: 4K & Ultra HD are the same. (Why the two names? Who knows, we missed this meeting?.) Both refer to the screen resolution and the number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels, the better the image, the sharper and more realistic.            

Quick story: In the past, the resolution of the television was awful, but that was all we had. Then HDTV appeared and TVs went from 307,200 pixels to 1 million pixels (720P), then to more than 2 million pixels (1080P ) , and suddenly the TV was perfect. Then, 5 years ago, 4K arrived and we went from over 2 million pixels to over 8 million pixels, and we all discovered what perfection really is. (Yes, 8K made an appearance at CES this year , but we won’t be going there yet.)                      

4K is literally four times better than the old HD standards, and four times better is not a subtle improvement: it’s a sacred improvement, just if it’s a good 4K TV. And while there isn’t a ton of 4K content available yet (most are still Blu-ray), content providers of all kinds are gearing up to launch almost everything in 4K … and their new TV 4K will be equipped to manage this exciting future. But wait, there is more:         

  • Your new 4K TV even improves on old normal HD content, thanks to new scaling technologies that beautifully (and instantly) transpose 1080P to 4K by adding pixel density to the process.
  • With the old HD, I only saw a fraction of the digital data that is really there. But with your new 4K TV, you get it all, and the bottom line, even if you surf the net or watch your own digital photos or home movies = a considerably better experience.        
  • Blu-ray movies in 4K? Also incredible. Until someone finds a way to improve the human eye, we’re not sure it’s better than a premium 4K Blu-ray movie on a good 4K TV.    
  • 4K games? It will also come soon, and suffice it to say that many of us will be chronically late for work.      

The moral of the story: you want a 4K TV. It is the new standard and comes from another good world. only note that the main difference between, for example, a 4K $ 60,000 and 55 inch television compared to a 4K 15,0000 and 55 inch television is the picture. But is the image on a 15,0000 TV really 4 times better than the image on a 60,000 TV? Some say it depends on A) how much you watch television and B) how long you plan to keep your television. If you watch a lot of TV and plan to have your new TV for 5 years or more, then yes, spending more is worth it.                         

That said, there are still reasons why you might want to get an old 1080p TV :         

  • High definition televisions are cheap these days. And they are perfect for a kitchen, a spare room, etc.    
  • HD resolution (1080p) on a smaller screen ( 32 inches or less ) is still a fantastic image.    

Make sure it is HDR compatible!

What is 4K HDR? HDR = High Dynamic Range and HDR does for TVs what whipped cream does for hot chocolate: it does better. It is much better than not having it, but you will have to pay for it. If you can, do not like it miss.                      

Quick note: Although we all have an HDR function in the cameras of our smartphones, or what some people call the “soap opera” effect, it’s not the same thing. (Despite the same name). HDR on a phone allows the camera to take multiple exposures at the same time and then combine them for higher contrast. (The results are often not natural). The HDR on your TV generates greater contrast within existing pixels, increasing the contrast and color so that the end result is more natural, precise and deeper.                  

With HDR, color on a TV is always true to shape. Without HDR, a TV cannot reproduce certain colors realistically. In fact, what HDR does for a TV is so incredibly spectacular that it is worth exploring.                    

Art directors and cinematographers love the precision of HDR and the way it puts the actual colors on TV they put on set . And once you see that HDR is doing its job on your TV, you will have your own time “oh, I understand it NOW.”              

More and more streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, HBO GO) and devices (Blu-Ray 4K / Ultra HD players, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, etc.) now offer 4K / HDR content, and to enjoy it, you’re going to need a 4K / HDR-compatible TV.

The bottom line: 4K + HDR is huge. An episode of Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Blue Planet or The Walking Dead on a 4K HDR TV is simply magnificent and can spoil you for something less.  

So if you are going through 4K, also go to HDR capacity. That way, you are time tested for a few years. (At least.)                

Advice From Our Experts :-

If you do not look now no 4K content, 4K TV will always be a great improvement. Through a process called up-with versing , a 4K TV will take 1080p content and convert it to 4K. While it’s not as visually impressive as real 4K, it’s still an important update. Not to mention that you’ll be ready when you end up watching more 4K movies and TV shows.                                 

Step 5. Do not worry not!   

Two TV specifications that no longer apply.        

If you get a good quality TV, you are already covered by the following. High refresh rates and excellent contrast ratios are standard on the best TVs these days, but for the record:      

Updated frequencies : the faster or faster the speed, the higher the image , which means it’s great for sports, games and movies. (Note: we only have models with higher update speeds, fast enough for any player, movie lover or sports fan, so do n’t dwell on it ).                  

Contrast relationships: each brand qualifies them differently (there are no standards) and some do not even mention contrast relationships. This is an unnecessary specification when comparing televisions, and you can also ignore it.         

Step 6. Be smart , broadcast!      

Smart TVs are pretty standard these days, and that’s a good thing. (If you don’t broadcast content now, you will soon. The world is moving in that direction.) A Smart TV allows you to:           

Cut the cable … and enjoy freedom and wireless control. Smart TVs allow you to cut the cord and get rid of your cable or satellite service, thanks to native applications provided with: the services Streaming such as Netflix, Prime , YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.              

View virtually everything on your TV, including all personal videos, photos, and music on your phone or computer. 

Advice From Our Experts :-

  • Do you broadcast services like Netflix or Amazon Prime? We recommend that you wire your TV to your network (for example, a router or other network device) via an Ethernet cable, instead of just using Wi-Fi, to avoid connectivity issues and interruptions. This is worth the problem. If not, make sure to update your router to get the fastest connection possible to ensure the best picture quality, and sign up for the speed the fastest possible provided by your ISP.                         
  • If you do n’t get Smart TV, you can still stream via devices like Xbox, Roku, Blu-ray player and Apple TV with the direct connection.      

Step 7. Connect – you stay connected!   

The correct TV cables and ports really make a difference.           

TV cables that are thicker than the typical cables you need to connect objects (cable box to TV, for example) are called HDMI cables, and HDMI cables connect to the HDMI ports. Why it matters:      

  • Cables : There are many conflicting opinions on this issue, and even some controversy, but we firmly land: better quality HDMI cable really does make a difference, and we show it to customers in our stores every day. The best AV cables transmit a wider signal faster, and therefore better manage the larger bandwidth needed to get every bit of quality from the source to the TV. As technology provides better resolution and more content, it will need speed and bandwidth. Plus , if you spend a few thousand dollars or more on a new TV, quality cables let you get the most out of them. (You would n’t buy a Ferrari and put tires at $ 40, right?)                           
  • Ports : Search for a minimum of 4 HDMI ports on your TV. (Devices like your game console, soundbar, and Apple TV each need their own HDMI port, so yes, they go away quickly.) And if you get an Ultra HD 4K TV, make sure your HDMI ports are compatible with HDMI 2.0 for many current 4K devices. You should also find out about HDCP compatibility (or protecting broadband digital content). The next generation content protection called HDCP 2.2, and it not only is not compatible with the versions above, but many new 4K cameras do not even take care of.                                                         

Advice From Our Experts :-

  •  Better cable handles higher speeds, more bandwidth, and essentially prepares it for the future. An example: when HDMI 2.0 became a problem, our high quality cables handled the update before it was a problem. 
  • On the contrary, people with cheap HDMI cables on their walls had to rip them out if they wanted to see 3D or HDR content.          

Step 8. Seriously consider updating your audio!

No guts, no glory: it’s the sound that gives you goosebumps .        

It’s not surprising here, but the speakers inside these incredible new slim 4K TVs with a credit card aren’t as good as the speakers that came with their old, outdated desktop TV. 

from 1985 . (An exception, Sony uses the whole screen of your A1E series quite incredible as a speaker, and the sounds, taking into account that is built into the TV). Most TV manufacturers assume that you will be releasing a TV sound update that works for you and your room                                         

Step 9. Don’t fall in love with a remote control!     

Don’t buy a TV because you like the remote control. You can update your TV remote control at any time, and some of the new third-party remote controls are truly AWESOME.        

There are better options Much better.   

And really, although a universal remote control that replaces all other remote controls is the benchmark, many people still use their Cable or Dish remote control to do it all.  

Step 10. What about the warranty of the TV ?       

When you buy from an authorized reseller ( Like Amazon, Flipkart ), your new TV will come with the full manufacturer’s warranty. And most TV manufacturers (LG, Sony, Mi and Samsung, by the way)

were the centres Service authorized at national level where often in case of problems, they come to you. (Keep in mind that TVs are difficult to charge and you do n’t want to send them back and forth

if there is a problem.) In addition, with an authorized distributor, you also receive telephone and e-mail support. Distributor email in addition to manufacturer coverage and home support.                           

Still not sure?

There is no problem. We are here, and that is what we do every day.    

On Trendingindian.com we examine carefully all our models TV brands and the customer service rating. Our new TV is an investment: buying from a reputable dealer with star history and will be as good as gold.                                    

Thanks for reading and enjoy your amazing new TV!


Manish Aggarwal on Trendingindian.com    

What you can expect in 2022!

Technology is improving day by day. Curved TVs are already coming out. Similarly, it has QLED technology trying to be better than OLED. The 12-bit color can eclipse the 10-bit color depth. You have to deal with 8K TVs too. That should form the subject of another discussion.

Best 4k Tv in india 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between 4K and UHD Tvs?

From the angle of the consumer, the difference is insignificant. However, from a professional point of view, the UHD we have on our TV is not 4K. According to professionals, 4K is a resolution of 4096 X 2160 pixels. Here, 4096 represents the horizontal measure and 2160, the vertical one. It has an aspect ratio as close as possible to 1.85: 1.

It is excellent for movie screens, but not for TV screens that work with an aspect ratio of 1.78: 1 or 16: 9. This screen resolution of 3840p x 2160p, also known as Ultra HD or 4 times the resolution of Full HD. As 3840 is close to figure 4000, we can call it 4K UHD.

Is 4K TV better than the FULL HD TV ?

4K Also called Ultra HD refers to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the pixels found on a 1080p Full HD TV.

This increased resolution provides more clarity, and the images on a UHD TV look incredibly realistic. Note that 4K resolution provide clear picture quality on a large TV screen.

Therefore, you will have to buy a 55-inch TV or even a larger one to enjoy all the details. But, regardless of the screen size, a 4K resolution obviously improves the image quality.

Is a 4K TV capable of watching 4K?

The television vedio content industry, technology has greatly improved in the last year. Now, we have more 4K content available to stream on the big screen.

While most 4K TVs will process and expand HD content to 4K pixels, you still need native 4K content to feel the details in depth.

There are some native 4K streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and UHD Blu-ray players. Now, some of the leading content creators are also uploading 4K content on YouTube.

What broadband speed is required to stream 4K videos?

You will need a minimum bandwidth speed of 50 Mbps to stream 4K content. On the Netflix website it is mentioned that you need at least 40 Mbps speed to stream your content.

What is the ideal viewing distance for 4k TV?

Your viewing distance from the screen must also be taken into account. To get the best out of a 4K TV and enjoy all the smallest pixels.

This is the 5 best 4K TVs in India 2022 . If you have any questions about selecting a 4K TV, post it in the comments section below and I will answer it.

This is the best 4K TVs in India 2022 . If you have any questions about selecting a 4K TV, post it in the comments section below and I will answer it.

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