5 Best Inverter Battery in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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5 Best Inverter Battery in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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The inverter’s batteries are the most important part of the inverters. They play an important role in determining the performance of the inverter.  

It can be quite a difficult task to find the best battery for the inverter battery. If the battery capacity is not good enough & not compatible with the inverter, you may not be able to achieve the desired results in the batteries. 

To facilitate your purchase, we have taken note of all the factors you should look for in advance. 

As batteries are the power source of an inverter, we will not make any decisions hastily. To help you make the best purchase, we have selected the best products available in India and tested them individually. A detailed review of each of them is mentioned below. Let’s take a look!   

5 Best Inverter Batteries – Quick Buy

Best Batteries Capacity Warranty Weight
LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery 150 Ah3 Years60 KgBuy Now
EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery 150 Ah 3 Years40 Kg Buy Now
Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery   150 Ah 3 Years 62 Kg Buy Now
Exide Technologies Inva Master Tall IMTT1500 150Ah (Multicolour) 150 Ah 3 Years 40 Kg Buy Now
Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery 150 Ah 3 Years 60 Kg Buy Now

5 Best Inverter Batteries in India 2020 – Reviews

1. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

  •   High tubular battery
  •   Faster charging
  •   150Ah capacity
  •   Use 12 volts
  •   It weighs about 60 kg.
  •   It has a longer backup
  •   It comes with 36 months warranty.

The luminous batteries are formed by an exclusive alloy component that protects the lead against corrosion. The component has been patented by the company, as it provides a homogeneous grain structure that is free of voids and guarantees supreme performance. So, this is our first option on this list.  

luminous RC battery is an energy efficient device that reduces overall energy consumption due to its fast charging and longer backup function. The unique design of the battery is created using the high-pressure die casting machine (HADI) that gives it a more solid perspective and even helps keep the grain structure uniform without gaps. 

The corrosion-free column alloy component ensures that the battery operates for a longer period. The purity of the component guarantees low maintenance, while the construction of the tubular plate allows a uniform distribution of power for high-quality performance. 

Daramic USA puncture-resistant separators minimize the potential for internal short circuits. The balanced plate design and the connection between partitions are responsible for internal resistance while presenting excellent load acceptance.   

The battery guarantees its useful life at more than 1250 cycles with exceptional discharge depth of 80%. The Luminous RC 18000 battery is best suited for areas that observe frequent power outages. 


  • Exceptionally long backup (up to 12 hours)
  •   Flexible oxidation-resistant glove for a correct fit.
  •   Low energy consumption.
  •   Longer life expectancy (3-5 years )  
  •   It resists voltage fluctuations and provides the power supply without disturbances.
  •   Low maintenance
  •   It is a flooded cell battery


  • The battery is quite heavy.

Verdict :- At a decent price, the Luminous RC 18000 150Ah tubular battery is an ideal choice for a domestic inverter. It has a low maintenance cost for a battery with excellent backup. It is best suited for areas where power outages are very frequent and last longer. A value for money proposal really

2. EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery

  • Lightweight for a 150Ah capacity battery.
  • Anti-splash guards.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Comes with a spark arrestor.
  • Energy efficient.

This  list is not complete without Exide battery. Did you know that Exide is one of the leading manufacturers of investors & batteries in India?  Yes, you heard right it is. Therefore, it is not surprising that another Exide model has entered this list. It has an advanced hybrid technology that adapts better to withstand high temperatures. It also has a hybrid alloy system that reduces water loss and has a double plate separation that decreases the possibility of premature failure.    


  •   It can be easily maintained with the help of the flotation guide that helps indicate the level of electrolytes.
  •   Use molded handles for easy handling.   
  •   Use vented upper covers with splash guards.
  •   Resistant to smoke and leaks with a clean top without surface leaks
  •   It is also very easy to transfer within their homes.
  •   It offers a 36 month warranty!


  • Not affordable
  •   Some reports say that the investor was failing in less than a month, therefore, he had to use the guarantee so soon.

Product dimensions: 30.5 x 25.4 x 22.9 cm; 40 kilograms    

Verdict :- Higher energy backup at a lower price. As mentioned earlier, this battery is more suitable for areas with extreme weather conditions. The required maintenance is almost low to zero. This flooded cell battery provides backup for 3-5 hours straight while supporting voltage fluctuations.

3. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery  

  •   150Ah capacity
  •   Fast charge
  •   Provides support for 15-24 hrs.
  •   The dimensions of the battery are 35.6 X 30.5 X 27.9 cm.
  •   It weighs about 62 kg. 
  •   High power reserve capacity
  •   It comes with a 48 month warranty.
  •   It is a c20 battery suitable for solar inverters.

The problems of dressing, as long as energy cuts and voltage fluctuations require a rugged and reliable battery. Without causing much damage to internal components, Amaron’s high tubular battery retains inverter overheating induced by an inconsistent voltage supply. The grilles are made of highly heat-resistant calcium with an ultra-modified alloy that provides minimal maintenance. These features are worth taking second place on this list.            

Its superior quality ventilation design minimizes mist formation and acid emission problems. Serrated separator tubes are used to prevent acid stratification. Water levels can be controlled from the outside and the battery requires water replacement only once a year.  

The casting of the high-pressure column of the tubular battery has resulted in a uniform, coarse-grained, unidirectional, hollow-free structure that supports a long lifespan. The panoptic column prevents oxidation of the tube by reducing lead corrosion.  In addition to this, the high tubular battery has a low lead reserve, resulting in less chance of leakage.


  •   It comes with a 3 year replacement warranty in addition to an extended 12 month (48 month) warranty.
  •   Low maintenance.
  •   It occupies the highest place among its counterparts with respect to the power reserve capacity.
  •   Reduction of mist formation and low acid loss.
  •   Fast and easy loading.
  •   Tolerates high temperatures.


  • High price of the battery.
  •   Heavy to carry.
  •   Unpredictable outputs when connected to refrigerators and televisions due to their inductive loads.

Verdict :- Compatible with multiple brands of inverters, preferably those with 800-1100 VA, the Amaron 150Ah high tubular battery is ideal for home power backup. It is best suited for extreme weather conditions in India due to its high heat tolerance capacity. It has a minimum maintenance cost due to its low lead reserve and reduced fog formation function. Charging the battery is quick and easy and takes approximately 8 hours to recharge after the full power discharge. Under warranty, in case of any problem with the battery, on-site services are available at the company, as well as at any of the company’s service stations in India. The only reason why it is placed under our Luminous topper is the fact that it is also quite expensive and heavy.

4. Exide Technologies Inva Master Tall IMTT1500 150Ah (Multicolour)

  • It has a dimension of 30.5 X 25.4 X 22.9 cm.
  •   It weighs about 40 kg. 
  •   150 Ah capacity
  •   Spill Proof Body
  •   It comes with a 36 month warranty.
  •   Designed with superior technology

Exide Inva Master provides extended backups, especially in countries like India, where power outages are more frequent. The company claims that the battery provides instant brightness due to its superior technology and unique features. The Exide 150Ah battery withstands high temperatures, which makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions.    

The battery is made up of thick grilles of Faure plates that use a special paste formulation of red lead and resist internal short circuits. Its special hybrid alloy system reduces fog formation, resulting in minimal water consumption. The double plate separation of the battery reduces the chances of suffering shock and vibration. This feature helps prevent premature battery failure and, therefore, low device maintenance.   

Ventilated top cover of the battery has splash guards that are equipped with coin-type vents. These are basically preventive plugs that are mainly there to resist any form of fumes and leaks. The float charge on the battery is supported by a spark arrestor to resist vapors and any form of acid leakage when in the application. The batteries are supplied in a factory charged condition along with a floating guide to indicate electrolyte levels.   

In addition, clean design without surface leaks is ready to be commissioned by the company.


  • Its advanced hybrid technology helps in high temperature tolerance.
  •   The molded handles on the side of the battery allow a good grip.
  •   Lightweight for a 150 Ah battery.
  •   Splash guards.
  •   Long useful life.
  •   Low maintenance.
  •   It comes with a spark arrester.
  •   Efficient energy.


  • Some reports about bad after-sales service.

Verdict :- Greater power backup at a lower price. As mentioned earlier, this battery is more suitable for areas with extreme weather conditions. The required maintenance is almost low to zero. This flooded cell battery provides backup for 3-5 hours straight while supporting voltage fluctuations.   

5. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Model iltt 18048 technology tubular replacement warranty high 36 months inverter support 600 va – 10 kva nominal voltage 12 volts suitable for 4-5 hrs backup (3bhk at home) backup time charging 500w 400w 300w 200w 100 w duration 2 h 10 mint 3 h 4 h 30 min 7 h 30 min 18 h 30 mint technical details dry weight full weight total container dimensions (mm) load pulse slow loading mode Load length (+/- 3) mm width (+/- 3) mm height (+/- 3) mm start rate (amp) completion rate (amp) min. (Ma) max (ma) 33.0 57.0 503 189 411 15.1 7.6 126 504.

The backup time is under standard test conditions, it may vary depending on the types of load, temperature and aging.


  • It has a balanced plate design to improve the load.
  •   Resistance and load acceptance are protected by a connection between partitions
  •   The lead part of the battery is protected for high voltage cases
  •   Corrosion resistant


  •   Leaks are possible and the acid has the risk of overflowing
  • a little bit expensive

Verdict :- Luminous offers you this tubular battery suitable for investors. The tubular battery comes with a balanced plate design for better load acceptance and excellent deep discharge with recovery. The battery has a connection between partitions that guarantees the lowest internal resistance and excellent load acceptance.

And that is the list of the 5 best inverter batteries that you could combine with your device. We hope you can find the perfect match to suits your requirements now with ease!

Choose the perfect inverter battery

The battery is the most important part of your inverter. You know you spent your money well when you have a high-quality inverter that comes with a reliable brand battery. 

Yes, it’s true that battery should also maximize the efficiency of your inverter. To achieve this, you must match your investor perfectly. 

Another thing we need to know is how an inverter and its battery works:

I hope the video has helped you understand how an investor works. Having this knowledge first will help you have more confidence in your choice. 

Performance and power quality will depend on the battery output. Therefore, the battery capacity must be taken into account: 

Battery capacity = Power requirement (in watts) x hours needed / battery voltage

Your energy requirement depends on the total of your appliances or devices. Therefore, you should know them and how long you would need them to find the correct battery capacity. 

To summarize, these are the main things to keep in mind: 

  •   Quality
  •   Brand
  •   investor cost
  •   Efficiency (battery capacity)
  •   Performance
  •   Compatibility with your investor
  •   Warranty

Now that you know what an inverter is and how it works, these are the types of inverter batteries.

Types of inverter battery

Now, there are three types of the best inverter batteries. Keep this in mind before deciding, to know the pros and cons, as well as the functions of each. you will find 3 types of battery inverter available on the market: the battery flat plate , tubular batteries , and sealing of maintenance – free batteries . All these types of batteries vary in terms of the internal technology used to store the current only.     

1. Lead acid battery 

The lead-acid battery is the most common and also the oldest of the three. They are economical and have a great capacity. It is also light compared to both and can last from 3 to 4 years. But this type is high maintenance because one needs to check the electrolyte level and needs regular coverage. In addition, it releases harmful gases, so it must be used in a ventilated place.    

2. Maintenance free battery 

The maintenance free battery is sometimes called a gel battery. It is a lead-acid battery without maintenance. It uses gel and absorbent glass mat, so it is sealed. Because of this, it is more expensive and has a shorter lifespan.   

3. Tubular battery 

The tubular battery has a more complex design compared to the two. It has a longer life and better efficiency with low maintenance. That is why it is also the most expensive.  

That’s! I think you already have everything you need to know when it comes to buying the best inverter battery for you given this information. Now to finish, let’s proceed to the frequently asked questions about an inverter battery in the market.  

Characteristics Flat plate battery Tubular battery Sealed lead acid battery
Ideal for devices like Devices that consume little energy. Heavy duty appliances and in areas with frequent power outages For UPS applications, provides backup time for less than 1 hour
Depth of discharge tolerance levels It works for discharges with 80% of the battery capacity. It works for discharges with 80% of the battery capacity. It works for discharges with 50% of the battery capacity.
Cyclic life (loading cycles at 80% discharge depth) 500 – 800 cycles 1000–1200 cycles 400 – 450 cycles
Loading time Slower compared to tubular batteries. Fast charge Fast charge
Performance level at different temperatures. Compared to tubular batteries, it offers inferior performance. Offers average performance at extreme temperatures (high and low) At higher temperatures, the capacity is reduced
Storage requirements High Medium Low
Battery orientation Permanent Permanent It works well in any orientation
Battery duration 3 years 45 years 34 years
Maintenance High Medium Low
Water fill frequency High Medium Low
It emits harmful chemicals and gases. yes yes Do not
Need ventilation yes yes Do not
Weight Low High Depends on the model
Price Rs . 9,000 – Rs . 15,000      Rs . 10,000 – Rs . 30,000      More than Rs . 12,000   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions of customers. Some questions are from those who have not yet bought their investors. 

See if you have the same questions in your mind, or if the answers are something that could be helpful for the purchase of your inverter and/or batteries.

1. Do the inverters come with batteries?

Unfortunately not! Most investors do not come in a package. It is up to the consumer to find a battery compatible with the inverter

2. Can I use the battery with solar charging?

Reviews are not the same, some say its true and some say its not. First check your inverter and see if it is designed to be charged with solar energy. 

3. How will I know if my inverter’s battery is fully charged?

The inverters have indicators that show the user that the inverter is fully charged, usually this can be seen on the front surface. Other inverter models use overload protection and alarms to capture user attention. 

4. Who performs the installation of the inverter?

Companies do not offer investor facilities in the client’s house, they only offer a product warranty. You can always request the assistance of an electrician for installation if you are not sure how to install it yourself. 

5. What is the “trouble free water level”?

The smooth water level is an indicator on the inverter. This is the water level of your battery that, in a way, measures its efficiency. 

6. Do inverters stabilize high voltage fluctuation?

Investors do not stabilize since their purpose is to serve as energy backup. If you need to stabilize high voltage fluctuation, then it is better to buy a voltage stabilizer. 

7. The inverter emits a sound when it is in use. This is normal? 

This is the sound of converting the battery current, so there is nothing to fear. However, if you notice any other unusual sounds, contact your electrician or the company so they can help you. 

8. What type of battery is good for frequent power outages?

Although a larger capacity battery provides longer backup, for those who live in areas that see frequent power outages, it is also important to consider factors such as the speed of charging and the resistance of the device to extreme temperatures in the environment. Tubular batteries mark all these boxes. High tubular batteries are recommended for frequent power outages.  

09. What is the meaning of the battery capacity?

It basically denotes the potential amount of energy that can be stored in a battery. It is expressed using amp-hours (Ah) where 1 amp = 3600 coulombs of charge. The higher the battery capacity, the greater the power backup.   

10. How to know when to add water to my batteries?

A water indicator is placed on the front panel of the device that lets you know when it should be replaced. However, care must be taken to avoid excessive or insufficient watering of the battery for maximum efficiency.   

11. What could cause my battery to fail?

Battery overload or partial battery charge leads to internal component failure.

12. What is Ah and how does it relate to battery capacity?

Ah represents the amount of energy stored in the battery. It means the time of amps where 1Ah = 3600 coulombs of charge. Battery capacity is just another term for the amount of energy stored in the battery. The greater the capacity, the greater the backup time.   

13. What does the inverter’s battery bank mean?

A battery bank is the number of batteries required by the long-term investor to operate efficiently. The quantity of batteries used depends on the quality and capacity of the inverter. A good inverter can use between 1 and 30 batteries in its useful life. The company generally specifies your bank capacity. Backup time can also be increased by adding more batteries. In other words, an increase in the size of the battery bank can increase the backup power. However, it should be noted that batteries with 12V should be used.      

14. What is the best brand of inverter batteries?   

Now, one must have gained knowledge about selecting the best inverter battery for your inverter. Why wait then? you should definitely consider buying inverter batteries now. The world runs at great speed and one does not want to be left behind. An inverter is a technological invention to make life easier even during power outages. One should be able to mix with the modern world of technology. If one wonders which is the best inverter battery to run an inverter at home, this list will answer the question more accurately. The following are the 10 best inverter batteries in India:      

15. Why we need an inverter battery?

An inverter provides an energy backup in the absence of electricity and, therefore, one can work on a computer without worrying. In summer, the heat becomes unbearable in India. 

If there is a power outage during the summer, one has to endure tremendous heat since the fans or air conditioners will not work without electricity. The investor is useful in such situations. An inverter is an electrical device worth buying. 

The investment made in an investor is always fruitful. To operate the inverter efficiently, it is necessary to buy the best inverter battery.

So, before buying those batteries, let’s start with the inverter. And when you already have one, make sure the battery matches perfectly. 

I hope this comprehensive review will help you find the right inverter battery for your lovely inverter!


These are the 5 best inverter batteries in India. It should not be confused about which inverter battery is better in the list above. All these inverter batteries are the best and you can choose any of them according to your needs. In India, there are frequent power outages. It can be stressful because most of the work depends on electricity in this era. To address such problems, one must make use of investors. The latest technologies such as the investor improve life. Investors are a necessity in today’s world. Any important work done on electrical appliances or appliances such as computers stops after a power outage. In such cases, there is a risk that important documents will be deleted during a power outage if the document is not saved.         

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