Amma’s Special Idli Dosa Batter – Product Review
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Amma’s Special offers you the perfect mix for idli dosa. With the correct proportions of lentils and rice, and processed with great care. This ensures a hot and nutritious dish of steaming idlis and crispy dosa on your table. As nowhere else. Their love is guaranteed and so is your satisfaction.

Amma’s Instant Idli Dosa Batter Review:-

High-quality smoothie. The idlis were fermented just to the standard maintained for soft and soft idlis. You should read the dough usage guidelines before putting it into use.

Here at NCR, during this time, the outside temperature is 6c and within 10c. While it is recommended that the product be taken in use at an ambient temperature of 23-30c.


They packed their product is a good way. It comes in an airtight, sealed and printed package, unlike open transparent plastic bags in which the Idly / Dosa mass is normally available in the local market. Printed packaging helps prevent direct contact with sunlight, helps store the dough for a longer period.


The cost of the product is cheaper when compared with other brands batter in the market. Usually, you will get it Rs. 68- 70  for 1 kg that will make around 15-16 Dosa or Idly.


The product has to be consumed in seven days after the manufactured date. (They do not use any preservatives so; shelf life cannot be increased more than 7 days.


They use natural ingredients, which are required to make idli/Dosa Batter.

It contains – Rice, Urad Dal, Purified Water, Iodized Salt, Active Culture.


  • The packaging of the product is hygienic and clean.
  • Easy on pocket as you get 1 kg batter for under Rs. 75 only and can make 15-16 dosa or idly with it so not even Rs 4.3/dosa
  • Dosa mass must be consumed within 7 days after the date of manufacture, which means that no preservative is added to the amma dosa dough..
  • Idli’s were super soft and yummy, just like they serve in a good south Indian restaurant, just loved them, had such amazing idli’s after long.
  • Easy, convenient, and saves time & energy.


  • The shelf is very less, 7 days only.


This product is famous among Delhi Ncr. They sell their product is supermarkets and online portals like Bigbasket, Grofers, etc.


The dough should be fermented at the appropriate temperature of 23-30c to obtain soft and fluffy idlis. As I did. And I really got idlis type restaurant super soft and fluffy. The packaging is clean and hygienic. The best part, there is no use of preservatives as stated by co. In general, dough preparation made by any local dough manufacturer is unhygienic and deficient with past experience. Although here you pay a little more than you get in any local market for this product, but for the quality and consistency, there is no cost to justify.

We give this product 5 star for their dosa batter. Yes, we regularly buying it from last 5 years it is much better than soaking rice and daal, grinding it and then fermenting it take so long time.

For bulk ordering Amma’s Special batter for shops – You can drop us a mail on ( Delhi NCR Only )

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  1. hey nice article i am using this after read your article and its good in taste no dobt.

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