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Top 5 Best Table Fans In India: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Top 5 Best Table Fans In India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide
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Are you looking for the Best Table Fans in India 2022? You are in the right place. we’ve included 5 Best Table Fans along with their Buying GuideRatingsPros-Cons, and FAQs to help you find the right one for you.

The sparkling summer this year is the only reason you can continue investing in a table fan, which provides incredible value through the cool air spread throughout the house, in combination with an air conditioner.

Compact and portable table fans are devices if you want to control air flow in places like corners that are not available.

Usha, Bajaj, Havells, Luminous, Orient are some of India’s best table fans. They are based on quality and performance from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000.

Below are some important factors to take into account when purchasing a Table Fan.

  • Fan Size

Tables Fans come in three different ways–small (12), “medium (16”), large (20). “For larger rooms such as a lobby or dining area, we suggest large rooms. For bedrooms, office cabins or any small room, medium or small is best.

  • Air Delivery

It refers to the volume of air supplied per minute. The metric is normally in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Select a configuration with a high CFM rating.

  • Fan Speed

The calculation is performed in RPM (rotations per minute). Increased the rpm, fan blades spin faster and provide good air flow. Some fan models have different speed control settings–low, medium and high. However, some versions are only available with one speed. We recommend using a multi-speed model because, depending on your needs, you can control the air flow.

In addition, we have listed the Best 5 Table Fans in India. After reviewing several products on the market, they are shortlisted.

Best Table Fans India 2022

Product name Air deliveryPowerWarrantyBuy Now
Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan
45 cmm55 watt1 YearsCheck Price

VGuard Personal Fan Lap Breeze

40 cmm40 watt1 YearCheck Price

Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan

30 cmm38 watt2 YearsCheck Price

Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan

40 cmm50 watt2 YearsCheck Price

Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan

40 cmm53 watt2 YearsCheck Price

1. Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan

Usha is the most respected Indian company, and we first mentioned Usha Maxx Air

The dining fan is like the mate. No matter if you are in your study, kitchen or balcony, it keeps you cool. The best thing about this table fan is its engine overheating protection, which gives it a long life. 

Built with a high level of innovation, the fan has a wide base that makes it durable. And, even if you put it next to windows or places with more air, the fan won’t go quickly. 

There is also better air flow due to its aerodynamic tips. You can use it in your air circulation room. 

Usha Max Air comes with a 100% copper engine, making it time-tested. The heat protection alternative also protects the engine against unavoidable injury. 

The RPM is 1280 in the acceptable range of 1200 and 1300RPM, helping your engine work correctly without eating up the load. EOLBREAK The blades are made of plastic polypropylene, which lightens the fan and creates less noise. 

Usha Maxx fan grill is well secured with 120 ribs and a powder-coated cover, making it rugged in color. This means that it won’t lose its shine no matter how many times it washes the grill. 

“The best table fan on the market today, and definitely our pick. We recommend Usha Maxx particularly for its powerful, built engine that we believe is the heart of a fan”

2. VGuard Personal Fan Lap Breeze

The V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze 250 mm is very compact in size and has excellent characteristics.

This fan is a great buy with features such as three-speed, tilting angle and structured flow of air. The most advantageous features are definitely the small size and the potential performance.

This fan can easily be placed on the table or even mounted on the wall.

During the check, we find a few amazing features of the table fan. As we turned the fan on, the engine had an initial vibration, but after 3-4 seconds the sound simply disappears. The producers claim that the RPM is approximately 1280, but at maximum speed it is lower than any other table fan in the same RPM.

The 250 mm V-Guard Personal Breeze, with so many cool features, is something that we need.

“The V-Guard Personal Fan is the best choice for your bed if you want to use a table ventilator to protect all parts of your room. The fan also has the right to swing vertically, not only horizontally.”

3. Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan

The Havells Swing Wall Fan is the right product for you if you are looking for a superb table fan with outstanding performance. This table fan has been checked very closely and the features are just fine. The Havells fan has a totally free jerk and heavy duty PP blades. It also comes with a decent speed of 1350 RPM.

This seems like you get more air from any standard 1300 RPM fans while the fan gets on at the highest speed. We are also delighted to see that even at the highest speed the fan is free of jerk waving.

Due to the light-weight, we could install this comfortably on the wall. The overall performance is fantastic but there’s a little to say about the high horizontal speed.

We like the 3-speed button speed setting and easy assembly. It took us only 6 – 7 minutes to fully assemble the fan and plug it in. Although plastic screws are attached to the fan, for use it won’t matter too much.

“The airflow is good, and the bedroom has an amazing alternative. It should, therefore, be on our list of India’s best table fans. Ventilation is fantastic and an ideal remedy for your bedroom. That’s why it should be on our list of the best table fans of India.”

4. Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan

Crompton is an established brand name since 1937. The company has stood up because it understands the needs of customers far too well. That is the first explanation why Crompton is included in our best list.

Secondly, it’s high efficiency with state-of – the-art engines, extra strong fabrics, stunning looks and intuitive controls. The fan of the Hi Flo Eva table is true to all of these qualities.

It has a large foundation to help you put it anywhere, even on a rough surface.

As well as the base and the fan body are made of plastic, so that it is continuous and lightweight and easy to carry.

In reality, during our research , we found that the plastic blades of the fan soar less that you can sleep like a baby with no disruption.

Crompton’s table ventilator is also 1300RPM engine power and 3 speed control. It ensures less pressure on the engine.

Hi Flo Eva ‘s auto swing feature helps to circulate air correctly

The ergonomic style with the button at the right neck provides freedom of movement to the front and back.

“Generally speaking, we strongly recommend Crompton to everyone who loves soundless sleep.”

5. Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan

When you look at the Orient Electric Table Fan, the first thing that catches your eyes is the decent look with its astonishing characteristics. The first glance was certainly amazing when staring at the fan. The controls are very good and easy to click piano touch buttons.

Our team found a few wonderful features about the Orient Electric Desk Table Fan during the evaluation of the device. The up and down dynamic system enabled us to air the entire room. The air sweep is massive and about 400 mm so it can be stopped. We like the oscillation of 90 degrees which makes the fan more powerful.

Although the fan is very small in weight, the PP blades are wide and the speed of RPM is about 1330. So you never have to think about the airflow anywhere in the house.

” The Orient Electric Desk-25 400 mm table fan is fitted with simple installation and wall mounting. Although the price is a warning on the higher side, it really offers some cool features.”

Advantage of Table Fans

  • Unlike ceiling fans, wherever you want, you should put the table fans. They are lightweight and mobile to allow the air to touch all the corners of the room. 
  • The table fans are compact, broad-based and help you stay cool everywhere. 
  • They are cost-effective and cost-effective. 
  • They use much less energy than 50-100 watts, while an AC consumes 900 watts of energy. 
  • The fans of the table give 180-degree rotation which contributes to the same air distribution. 
  • The fans are quick to use. You can change the settings according to your needs. A remote control is offered for some upgraded versions to handle the settings. 
  • Table fans are available in various sizes and colours. You can choose one that fits certain decorative items on your list.

Things to consider when buying a Table Fans {Buying Guide}

Many considerations important for the fan’s performance include the nature of the materials used to make the fan, whether or not it has removable grills, and many others. The comments were published after a thorough investigation.

If you still have any questions, you can ask us at the end of the article in the comments section. In this shopping guide, we listed all the items you need to remember so that you can finalise your next purchase clearly and easily. Let’s have a look! 

The Size of the Fan

This is of course, the first thing you can check. The fan size depends on your requirements, but table fans are available in three sizes for your information: 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. You can also call them small table supporters, medium and large table supporters.

If you want a fan for your hall or the dining area of your building, you can pick a big table fan, but you can also choose a small table fan when you’re looking for a fan for your bedroom. One surprising thing about bigger fans is that they are quiet and don’t make much noise, even if it’s used in the lowest setting.

Blade Sweep

The sweeping blade refers to the circular motion area covered by the fans’ blades while the fan rotates. It also means the place where the fan will cool. It should always be strong to support a fan instead of using 2 or more fans. As mentioned above, the blade sweep ranges between 40 mm and 450 mm from an average table fan.

Fan Speed

The fan speed is measured at rpm, i.e. per minute rotations. The higher the rpm of your fan, the faster the air rotates around the room, the more quickly a heavy air blow is created. 

The table fans also provide 3-speed control settings, which are low, medium, and high, similar to other fans. Based on the situation and your specifications, you should run it. Various speed levels also help you avoid wasting extra energy. 

Some fans have a single-speed option and we recommend you don’t go to fans because they don’t work and the speed can’t be controlled.

Power Consumption

This is a significant factor in deciding how much power the fan can use. The electricity consumption has a direct impact on device efficiency and electricity bills. An average fan consumes 40-100 watts of energy.

Air Delivery

The air movement of the fan is measured in cubic meters per minute corresponding to the volume of air moving per minute. If you want to blast more air out of the fan, you must go to fans who offer high CMM. Some CFM brands also calculate this, i.e. cubic feet per minute. 

Removable Grills

Both fans of the table come with a grill to prevent children or pets getting trapped between high-speed moving blades. Two types of barbecues are available–permanent grills and removable grills. 

Since the table ventilators move continuously from one end to the other to transfer the air, the blades are highly likely to catch the dust. These dust particles start building up on the blades over a period of time. This dust must be periodically cleaned to allow blades to function efficiently. 

The removable grills allow the grill to be opened and the fan blades available. You can either clean or screw off the blades properly and wash them and repair them again. This encourages productivity and a cleaner environment for breathing. 

Fans with removable grills are therefore still regarded as a better option. However, it is also recommended that the fan be unplugged from the power socket and then cleaned to prevent injury.


The amount of noise created by the fan can have a significant effect on how quiet the room is while using the fan. Buying a noisy fan will only ruin the quality of your sleep and stop you from talking or doing any work. 

Although the amount of sound produced by a fan can be measured by decibels, the sad part is that most brands don’t mention that part. You can go to a nearby shop to check the quality of the noise. 

The quality of the motor is another way to measure the amount of noise. Fans using low – quality motors eventually create unnecessary and irritating noise. 

One of the reasons why people don’t like to use table fans in their bedrooms is that they consider fans as noise generators. To avoid this, however, you can take a good quality fan who uses a good engine. This avoids unnecessary noise.

Material Quality

As we are always suggesting, you should never seek a product that uses cheap quality replacement parts as they quickly get damaged and do not last. Table fans are made from a wide variety of materials , such as steel, plastics and metal. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some people see plastic fans as cheaper options, but they are actually far more flexible and convenient than stainless steel fans or other options. Such ventilators are light as plastic is a lightweight material itself. They are more functional and these fans can very easily be cleaned.

Fans whose bodies are constructed from metals like copper or stainless steel are very strong and can also be used in open areas. They are hard and long-lasting. These ventilators are supplied with a cover or need polishing because the steel and brass may rust or oxidize.

Tilt Action – Oscillating, Rotating Grill or Fixed

Table fans must effectively fulfill two functions–cooling and air circulation. Fans with oscillating grills manage to wave the air in every direction and at every corner of the room effectively. But you can choose a fan with a rotating grill if your room is very spacious.

 The fans ‘ swing system varies from brand to brand. While some fans have an automatic swing feature, others have the ability to manually pick the swing mode. If manual swing adjustment fans need a lot of effort, automatic settings fans will need a permanent power source, whether an Ac supply or a Dc output.

Installation and Maintenance

It’s not enough to buy a good business. When you maintain it affects the lifespan tremendously. Table fans are usually very easy to install and need no support. However, you always have to test the process and do it yourself. 

It is always a smart move to choose systems that are easy to maintain and repair, rather than for projects in which an electrician must be consulted for any small problem.

Design of the Fan

There are many fan models to choose from. Some of them are typical frame fans, window fans, etc. 

Because box fans are small, also known as window fans, you can place them in the window and enjoy the fresh air. But they are the most durable choices because they are compact and are also easy to knock down. You should go for classic laptop fans.

if you are one of those who like to show vintage pieces at home. We look a little big and have a lot of space between the grills. You need to be careful of your hands because your fingers have strong possibilities to touch the blades. 


With many new brands, there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. Nearly any alternative offers something different and more creative. Another thing we will take into consideration is the budget to pick a good quality product from that price range. The price of a good table fan ranges between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000.


As a golden rule, you always have to buy an electric system with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least 1 year. Since these machines operate on fuel, there is a high likelihood of fluctuations and this is the beginning of maintenance problems. The guarantee helps to build trust in the buying of a product and it protects you against any future damage.

Most fans of good brands come with a 1-2 year guarantee but there are goods that even have a longer than 2 years warranty..

Maintenance Guide for Table Fans

It is very important to maintain better the table fans for optimal performance. When the dust begins to build over the fan’s blades, the speed and cooling effects are significantly decreased. You will therefore have the habit of periodically brushing the dust over the blades. 

Here’s how you can properly manage your table fans. Everything you need is a portable vacuum cleaner, free lint cloth, soap, cotton cloth, and tea. 

  • Turn the power off and remove the fan. 
  • Cold the vents in the engine with a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Cut the grill with a screwdriver and rip out the fan’s blades. 
  • Take a little tab and make a warm water mix. 
  • Now soak the blades and get to cold the blades. 
  • Use a cloth to clean certain areas of the fan and base section. 
  • After all is clean, reassemble the fan and when all the pieces are dry, use the fan again.

Ceiling Fan Vs. Table Fan, Which is Best?

If you wonder why you need a table fan, if the ceiling can be used to move air into the entire room, the distinction between them is here. 

When ceiling fans push the air over the roof or drive the air down to the room to cool it, table fans blast the air outwards. The benefit of using table fans is that you can location them near the window to bring out fresh air. Some other differences between the two fans are as follows: 

Table fans also provide more flexibility and accessibility in terms of style and functions. You can change the oscillation height and rpm.Table Fans are compact and small. This allows them to move from one room to the next. The ceiling fans are fastened permanently at a position with wider blades. 

Best Table Fans – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the correct way to place a table fan?

One thing you should make sure that the table ventilator is positioned over a smooth , flat and horizontal surface so it does not tip over anyone.

Can running a table fan for a long time lead to overheating?

It’s normal that every electrical equipment is overheated and a table ventilator is no different. However, should you detect smoke or an irritating smell, shut it off immediately and check if the engine or winding works correctly.

Do table fans need oiling?

Any table fans have ball bearings with two screens. These bearings need not be oil – free. There are, however, other fans that have a small hole above the piston, where 2 – 3 drops of oil can be spilled. This helps to lubricate the engine and encourages it to work effectively.

Can table fans be used in all types of climates?

Table fans are pushing the air outside, allowing fresh air to enter the room. That’s why cool air circulates in summers. 

You should put them in the house during the winter, allowing warm air to circulate in the room.

Are table fans with 3 blades better than table fans with 4 blades?

The number of the blade affects the fan in different ways. While there are more blades that help to reduce noise, it also puts considerable pressure on the fan’s motor and makes it work slowly.

What is sweep of blade mean?

The ability of the blade to span is also known as blade sweep. Which is the diameter of circle that we can see when the blades are in motion.The ability of the blade to span is also known as blade sweep. Which is the diameter of circle that we can see when the blades are in motion.

Do table fans run on battery?

Yeah, there’s a lot of table fans running on rechargeable batteries. The batteries require an average of 4 – 8 hours to be fully charged. 

Quality fans can even operate on battery for 8 hours if a significant power failure occurs in your region

How much do table fans cost?

The fans of metal table will cost more than the fans of plastic table. Metal fans may usually cost Rs. 5000-Rs. 10,000 also.

Fans of plastic table are cheaper. Such fans ‘ starting scale is Rs. 1000-Rs. 1500. The price could vary depending on the additional features, product design, motor power and more

Do table fans use a lot of electricity?

Fans of tables don’t use much energy. A DC fan is also more powerful than an AC table fan that runs directly on the alternating current of 110 volts. 

Thus, DC fans consume less than a third of old AC fans ‘ capacity.

Are metal blades better than plastic blades?

Steel fan blades can be heavy but they are heavier because they have a larger air circulation. Plastic blades are thinner, but quickly snap, and consumers also complain about air circulation.

What is the correct way to place a table fan?

A table fan should be placed on a flat falt, preferably on a horizontal surface such that nobody else on the ground can fall.

Which brand table fans are best?

The best brands for table fans are Usha, Havells, V-Gaurd, and Orient, singer etc

How do I choose a table fan?

Look at the size of the fan. The bigger the fan, the louder it is and the more ventilation it offers. However, search for engine, deployment, noise and warranties.

Which table fan is best for summers in India?

The best fan for summers is :-

Best Selling Table Fans in India

[amazon bestseller=”Table fans” items=”5″]


The above is a list of India’s best table fans on the market. You may then select a table fan based on your own budget, fan height, material quality and overall performance. When you are puzzled by mistake about picking one by yourself, then you can browse our purchasing guide. You’ll find all the information on how to pick a table fan.

You may also pick one of the models from our list of India’s best table fans. We promise that you will provide a high-quality product that suits your budget.

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