Top 5 Best Mixer Grinders in India: 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Top 5 Best Mixer Grinders in India: 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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Are you looking for the Best Mixer Grinder in India 2022? You are in the right place. we’ve included 5 Best Mixer Grinder along with their Buying GuideRatingsPros-Cons, and FAQs to help you find the right one for you.

Mixer Grinder is one of the main appliances for the kitchen. It saves you a lot of time and physical effort to perform tasks like mixing, grinding and mixing.

There are two types of mixer grinders on the market: 1. Standard Mixer Grinder & 2. Juicer Mixer Grinder.

Standard ones are available with three jars – wide for batter grinding, medium for pastes, and smaller for chutney. Although the juicer mixer is fitted with 3 bottles and a juicer pot. They are suitable for families of 3 to 4 children.

The most important factor when buying a mixer grinder is Motor Speed. 500 watts of motor power would suffice for Indian cooking. However, the 750 watt motor power would be the better option if you have a big family, because you can grind more in one attempt.

Many important characteristics to consider in a mixing mill are Speed, material quality, glass lid locking mechanism, material quality and the RPM. Read our “Buying Guide” for more detail on these variables.

We have listed in this article  5 best Mixer Grinder available on the Indian market. Upon reading customer reviews, research and success we picked them up carefully. 

Best Mixer Grinder in India

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1. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 5 Jars (Black/ Light Grey)

Preethi is a revered Indian brand with lots of satisfied customers. They have been selling high-quality cooking equipment in India for a decade. The Zodiac MG218 is a superb drug that promotes food production.

Normally, the motor is heated up very easily when you operate the system (most of the mixer grinders). To solve the heat problems, a fast cooling system has been developed to cool the unit in less time.

This model, with all its wonderful features, merits second position on our product list. This is the perfect drug for blending, grinding and juicing.

The machine has a 3-speed power pushbutton on the front to be adjusted to consumer specifications. It uses only 750 watts of power and works at a voltage of 220-240 V. The high-speed motor produces more noise than usual.

Within just one minute, the master chef plus container kneads the flour, then cuts the plants into 4 different sizes. The health light on the computer alerts you when it turns red. In addition , the company provides 2-year commodity and 5-year engine warranty facilities.

This Preethi Mixer is for you when you’re looking for a mixer grinder with great efficiency, power, and budget. The biggest drawback of using this drug is that it creates noise that can not be heard. It always falls with an expensive face.


  • Multipurpose blades
  • 3-speed setup
  • Elegant layout of architecture
  • High-performance engine
  • Using 750 watts of power  
  • Five bottles – heat, blend, grind and juicing
  • 2 years on the drug, 5 years on the engine


  • Noise rating 80 db
  • It a little costly

2. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars (White)

Bajaj – the most respected and revered company among the Indian people. Since 1983, the Bajaj Electronics Group has been able to supply revolutionary, high quality appliances in the country.

Bajaj Rex is the most famous option of its mixer grinder product line in India. This is specially formulated to improve the flavor of your favorite foods with a great combination of natural ingredients.

In addition, the jars come with high-quality PP deck which helps to preserve the jar’s content intact and prevent spilling. The 3 speed changes allow you to grind at different speed rates – low , medium, fast.

Multipurpose blade systems are ideal for the quick blending of all sorts of herbs, fruits, and other ingredients. This needs only 500 watts of electricity for this operation and therefore saves the power bills.

The LED light indicates whether or not the system is running. The corrosion-resistant plastic shell is made of luxury ABS plastic components that do not last and corrode. In fact, it enhances the overall look of the blender in a kitchen.

The main disadvantage of using this product is that it heats up quickly and noises because of its continuous motor operation when used for a long time. And the top protective cover made of rubber may be loosened as the container is not fit.


  • Motor 500 watts
  • This is contained in 3 jars (1.25L, 0.88L, 0.3L)
  • Rust-resistant body
  • LED indicator indicator
  • Multi-function array of blades
  • 3 level variations – low, medium and moderate
  • Defense against overload
  • ToweR architecture form
  • Matches any interior kitchen


  • A bit ridiculous than most other versions
  • When used for a long time, overheat.
  • The top safety cover is softened by daily wear and tear

3. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)

Philips has produced high quality kitchen appliances worldwide in the market. Their HL7756/00 750 Watt blender grinder is an excellent machine with impressive features.

This mixer grinder comes with an advanced air ventilation system that ensures quicker cooling over heating. In fact, this function guarantees a longer motor life. In addition, it comes with a sturdy coupler made of a contact plastic – it guarantees continuous grinding efficiency without problems.

It comes with high-quality inox jars that enable easy moulding of batters, purees, pastes, powders and others. They come with special rubber gaskets that are fixed to their lids which provide a quick which secure sealing.

The blades consist of high quality stainless steel material, sharp enough to blend, grind and juicing the natural fruit, vegetables and other ingredients available. Auto-cut-off mechanism keeps the motor running and the suction foot ensures less noise during operation.

It features a unique triangular, compact shaped body with lower grooves that facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

All in all, this ergonomic style mixer grinder increases the overall grinding power and provides big results in seconds. It is sponsored by a 1-year contract from the date of delivery. The only thing the customer complains most of all is that it produces loud noise during its operation. It’s completely worth the money, other than that.


  • Continuous grinding powerful turbo motor
  • Special triangular shape of the body
  • Long standing ABS body with rubber
  • 25 minutes of constant grinding
  • Specialized flat grinding blades
  • Advanced air circulation for faster refrigeration
  • Removable razor and spout
  • Plastic sieve relation for a longer existence
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quite powerful engine
  • Can withstand fast grinding


  • No empty glass gasket
  • The level of noise is a little higher than other versions

4. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)

This shiny black Panasonic is a good looking model, yet at the same moment a strong one. This grinder offers a wide variety of applications, for example grinding, mixing milkshakes and ice creams, extracting juices, thinning meat, dry grinding spices, making tomato pures and pastes.

The strong, heavy duty engine comes with magic seal safety that lubricates the steel blades for a long lifetime.

Dual protection mechanisms are provided for this system. The first is the safety deck locking feature which prevents the blender to start until the deck is properly closed. The engine does not start until you correctly position the pot.

The edge blades of Samurai are powerful enough to pass the final moulding test. Within minutes, it can grind turmeric into a fine powder.

The three-speed setup is fine, because the piano forms are used by switches.

The blender grinder jars have sturdy handles with an ergonomic style that makes them simple to use.


  • Good brand name
  • Robust engine
  • Good health features
  • Practical to use


  • Particles of food tend to remain between the rubber washer and the floor

5. Sujata Powermatic Plus 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata is a popular Indian company renowned for offering inexpensive, high-quality goods. Powermatic plus juicer is worth every penny you spend across their product line. It has been used by many residential and commercial customers since its introduction over a decade and has sustained its success with price and efficiency.

The 900Watt motor and double ball bearings are included, making this grinder one of the most powerful mixers on the Indian market. This system will work without problems for several years with high-quality materials and parts.

It comes with a juicer with a unique wave filter mesh that produces higher and finer juices. The food preserves both scent, nutrients, and flavor with 220000 rotations per minute. It will last for 90 minutes continuously – so it is suitable for longer use.

This device comes with a clear juicer jar and a powerful mixer jar. Even rough ingredients like potatoes, beetroot, spices, pulses, and others are sliced with high-quality stainless steel blades.

Powermatic mixer juicer is shock-free, maintenance-free, and clean. The seller offers this drug a 1-year warranty.


  • Motor 900Watts
  • Service 22000 rpm
  • Single wave mesh filter.
  • Small repair
  • Safe running trouble
  • Totally shock-resistant
  • High quality tips of stainless steel
  • Robust and effective
  • 90 minutes remaining


  • Particles of food tend to remain between the rubber washer and the floor

Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

Many mixer grinder brands are available on the market. Below you can find the most common and guarantee and after-sales brands of the best mixer grinder brands (in no particular order).

1. Philips

It is a Dutch company of technology-based in Amsterdam. It was founded by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips on 15 May 1891. The focus of this company is on electronics, lighting, and healthcare. In 2013, it became the world’s biggest producer. In India, Philips is like a mother brand for all electronics and lighting, and sometimes we do not think about the individual items simply by looking at the logo. You can click on the link below to show some Philips mixer grinders.

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2. Bajaj

Established in 1926 in Mumbai by Jamnalal Bajaj. The company contains 36 businesses in diverse fields, including cars, furniture, home supplies, banking, iron and steel, travel, and finance. This company is an Indian company and therefore has a significant effect on customers’ minds. Bajaj mixer grinders are the best selling brand in this category because their use is fast, budget-friendly, and suitable for Indian cuisine. You can click the link below to view some Bajaj mixer grinders.

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3. Preethi

is an Indian leading brand of home appliances which has over 10 billion households in India and abroad. New technology is used for the construction of these instruments and therefore meets the needs of urban households. This industry was developed in 1978 and engaged in the production of kitchen appliances. The blender grinders are great for Indian cuisine and budget-friendly. You can click on the link below to view some Preethi mixer grinders.

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4. Morphy Richards

It is based in Swinton Meadows and established on 8 July 1936. It is specialized in home appliances such as induction ovens, kettle, coffee makers, food processors, microwave ovens, etc. The Mixer grinders of Morphy Richards are sleek, lightweight, and satisfy all Indian household requirements. You can click on the button below to see some Morphy Richards mixer grinders.

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5. Panasonic

Panasonic was founded on March 13, 1918, and is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. It has electronics, home appliances, and semi-conductors processing facilities. From rice cookers, this industry has only continued to expand and become an important business brand. The Panasonic Mixer Grinders provide the mechanism required for cooking Indian food and are budget-friendly. You can click on the button below to show several Panasonic mixer grinders.

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Things to consider when buying a mixer grinder

1. Types of mixer grinders

In any home the mixer grinders are a must. They help you save precious food preparation time and money. A mixer grinder is a remedy for several activities including the mashing, grinding, slicing and grinding. You can prepare dishes in less time and in more delicious ways, as they cut down on all manual and tiring work.

Hence, before making a purchase, it is important to consider a few items, such as mixer sizes, number of jugs, horsepower, motor speed, adjustable control knobs, and locking device safety features. Let’s go into detail now about every feature!

2. Number and size of jars

The number of jars vary according to your needs. If you have a big family or a shared family, a heavy-duty 3–4 container motor mixer grinder would be appropriate. More jars help you to complete the tasks in less time. A regular mixer grinder with 2 jars (for dry and wet grinding) should be enough if you are a small family.

Wet grinding jars are fitted with close lids so that the solvent or paste is not drained while the grinding is in motion. You can also ground cocoa for chutneys. The dry grinding jars are usually much smaller than the wet grinding jars. You should grind it to a fine powder for spices and grains.

Mixer Grinder is also available on the Indian market with three jars:

  1. Larger for juice or paste crushing.
  2. Small one for other tasks of wet grinding
  3. For chutneys and dry products, tiny one.

To small to medium-sized households, such jars would be sufficient. 

3. Types of blades and their functionalities

Different varieties of blades are used in combination grinders, and each has its own requirements. Most blades are made of material made of stainless steel to last longer and still do the job quickly. Depending on use, you can also adjust the blade from time to time, which should be thoroughly washed. We’ve included different types of blades here in this section and their use for mixing / grinding / squeezing. Let’s take a look!

4. Engine speed

It’s also nice to select a mixer grinder that provides the best cooking experience in various speed environments. They are powerful to operate the blade at varying motor speeds. And the monitoring system for the blade speed means that the food stored in the grinder does not leak at maximum volume.

Motor speed (revolutions per minute) is usually expressed in RMP, which is the amount of times a bladder rotates per minute. Most mixer grinders have a motor speed of 10,000 to 23,000 RPM. Do not run it at high speed for a long time when using the computer. The maximum speed or speed of up to 15,000 RPM is adequate for most activities.

Finally, a powerful motor enables the blades to spin faster per minute, allowing the materials to be ground within a shorter time.

5. Power

The ordinary mixer grinder has a motor capacity of 500 watts and is sufficient to grind cloves, almonds, chili peppers, ginger, garlic, etc. But the higher the power, the better he can handle the load. However, conventional blender mills use 750 watts of power in preparing Dosa, Idly and other foodstuffs.

Anything above 600 watts may be very loud. And you can also search for highly effective Mixer Grinder and save your energy bills. The 500 watt grinder is suitable for Indian kitchens. Nonetheless, buy a 750 watt mixer grinder if you have a big family.

6. Speed ​​controls and settings

The option of a mixer grinder in different speed settings is often nice to have the best cooking experience. They are powerful to operate the blade at varying motor speeds. And the monitoring system for the blade speed means that the food stored in the grinder does not leak at maximum volume.

Another important consideration in buying a mixer grinder is the speed control choice. It allows the consumer to adjust the mixer grinder speed to match the cooking requirements: low , medium and high. Assume you just want to rotate or turn to high mode when you want to run at lower speeds, and vice versa. It means that the ingredients in the blender are handled rapidly.

If you buy a juicer grinder then you can buy a model with a slow speed setup. This choice ensures that the fruits and vegetables are combined gently and carefully so that all vitamins and nutrients are retained in the jus.

Finally the pulse model or electronic speed sensor, specially designed to track speed and grinding phase, is another aspect to be taken into account. In addition, it was designed to increase speed settings according to the requirement.

7. Overload protection

 Often we fill the jars for a longer period of time with ingredients or using the mixer grinder. Overloading can contribute to the possibility of burning the engine in these circumstances. In order to prevent these issues, manufacturers have adopted the protection against overload and overheat. This feature serves as a circuit breaker in cases of overload to prevent further harm to the engine.

8. Incher / pulse function

This app monitors the speed and helps to grind delicate foods such as parsley, tomato and others. This is the best pace level to whipp eggs, smoothies and other delicate foods.

9. Security lock

Like every other tool, safety lockout is one of the key factors before purchasing a mixer grinder. This role guarantees that the machine is locked correctly to avoid injuries and losses during the grinder process. As the mixer grinder is always in constant contact with liquids, safety must be the key consideration. Test otherwise if power cables, earth link and others are in good condition. Finally, maintain a solid and safe foundation for the unit. If not correctly positioned, it can collapse during service and cause needless accidents. Before turning on the unit, make sure that the jars are properly sealed.

10. Quality and durability.

Since mixer grinders are common kitchen appliances that are used every day, it is important to make sure they last longer. The grinder must be made of high quality plastic (outer body), stainless steel (jars) and engine parts for this purpose. When the container lids are made of plastic, it is necessary to ensure that they are made of shatterproof material

The consistency and efficiency of the material used in the main unit, jars and blades must be tested.

The key package is normally made of rubber, while the jars and blades are made of stainless steel. And the relation between them is formed by a PVC rubber material to effectively mix the ingredients. When it comes to steel construction, make sure that it is grade 304 because it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, blades of stainless steel must retain their sharpness longer.

11. Duration of the guarantee

The mixer grinder warranty term is variable from one maker to another. Test the incentives given before making a purchase. Reparations and repairs are done if anything goes wrong in this time frame.

Most mixer grinders typically have a 2- to 5-year guarantee. Some of them do have a assurance duration of more than 7 or 10 years. However, the longest life is given in the engine and not in the equipment itself.

12. Price

What are the specifications of your budget? Will you want to pay generously or have a price limit? Make a price comparison between models within your budget depending on how much you want to spend. The juicer mixer grinder is typically much more costly than the mixer grinder. Besides, moulding mixers with dry and wet moulding capacities are much more costly.

13. Maintenance

The designated distributor shall be responsible for repair and maintenance during the term of the warranty. However you can contact a nearby dealer or service center to conduct the maintenance until the warranty expires. You should sign up to AMC (Annual Repair Contract) with utilities to provide service or repairs on schedule and without trouble for an fast and reliable service.

14. Additional features

Switch type: There are two switches in a mixer grinder: piano and rotary switch. The piano switches have buttons that can be disabled and deactivated if necessary. The rotary type has a button that can be labelled if necessary.

• Spatulas: Spatulas are available in several types (wooden or plastic). This helps you to combine the ingredients in the pot. Using a spatula is hygienic and easier to combine or extract ingredients from the container compared to hands.

•Non-slip feet: it is necessary to provide non-slip feet to maintain the equipment balance on the kitchen platform. Since you also deal with liquids, having a substance that does not spill would be more useful.

What is the right way to sharpen the blades of the mixer?

Because of daily wear and tear, the blades can be blunt in the pot. You can’t grind the ingredients to a paste or fine powder if the blades are not sharp enough. With a few simple methods, you can sharpen blunt blades at home again. For your convenience, we listed them below.

Step 1: You must first remove the plug and remove the bottle from the cap. Ensure that the bottle is totally away from any electric current touch.

Step 2: It is important to wash the jar properly before sharpening the blades. This removes any scrap, food, dirt, or scrap from the jar. The sink can be filled with warm water and a little soap to clean the jar. Let it go and run under clean water for a while. Let it dry completely, hopefully.

Step 3: Now remove the blades without hurting yourself from the base of the jar. You can do this simply by rotating the blades backwards. This process allows the blades to come out free of charge. During this process, you must separate and separate the base, ring, or seal from the blades.

Step 4: Wash the blades with warm water and liquid soap. Well, make sure you don’t hurt your hands while the blades are cleaning. To prevent accidents, we recommend wearing a pair of gloves during cleaning.

Step 5: Now sharpen the blades, run the edges carefully along the sharpening pier. Let your blows rush out of your body to prevent accident or injury. Start with another until sharpening is finished.

Step 6: Reassemble all components after finishing the sharpening process. Make sure there are no more rings or blades. The mixer is tested by emptying when the reassembly is completed.

Now that the blade sharpening process is complete, the process can be repeated if required. However, if you have no time to do that or if you have not sharpened it with the above method, please contact the brand service agent.

Safety considerations when using a blender grinder ?

Although the mixer grinder is safe to use, other safety rules should be followed in order to prevent chance and injuries. The of them have been identified below.

  • Do not add hot supplies to the grinding tank, as the jar walls and the blade components may be harmed.
  • Be sure to add ample liquid or water when blending, purees and smoothies so that you can not apply any weight to the engine. This can cause the engine to overheat or burn.
  • Caution should be taken to ensure that the mixer grinder has sufficient grounding systems to avoid future surprise accidents.
  • Make sure that air escapes into the carafe before running the carafe.
  • Turn the key power source and the power button off always while the ingredients are loaded into the jar.
  • Make sure that the bottle lid is tightly closed while the system is operating.
  • Non – slip feet are always critical with additional safety features such as stabilization.

Following these guidelines can help prevent the risk of shock, loss of the appliance, and others.

How to reduce the mixer grinder noise?

The mixer grinder is an incredible kitchen appliance, but the noise it produces can be annoying. Although you can’t prevent noise entirely, you can reduce it with some intervention to a minimum. We related to them below.

  • Do not bring it next to the ground.

Sound waves can bounce off walls, and sound in the room can actually increase. You can put it a little away from the walls to avoid that. There can be a big difference just a few centimeters. You may put some soft material on the wall to further decrease noise levels. Acoustic foam is one of the best sound reduction materials, because it is affordable and can absorb all echoes.

  • Placing it on a mat 

Place the mixer grinder on a thick towel or mat is helpful to reduce noise. These items are usually available in every room. Another similar trick is to put double-sided tape in the kitchen shelf to secure the blender grinder. Vibration can be the main source of all noise in some devices. Double-sided tape may be helpful in such situations.

  • Preparing at night

Install dough or pasta in the evening instead of grinding it early in the morning. This will not disturb the family members ‘ night.

  • Apply some soft materials to the walls around.

The placing of soft materials on the walls around the mixer is an acoustic to reduce the noise volume. To do that, you should easily use a towel or acoustic foam.

  • Sound test of doors and windows in the kitchen.

Most rooms are equipped with doors and windows. The closing of the mixer grinder prevents noise from entering another room and disturbs the members of your family.

If none of the tips work, it’s best to upgrade your appliance with a modern mixer grinder designed to make less noise. These devices come with an integrated isolation which prevents the escape of noise.

Some common mixer grinder problems and how to fix them in Home? 

Some problems like stuck buttons and others are common because of regular wear. These problems can be solved without professional assistance at home. We mentioned common problems and ways to solve them.

1. Leak 

These are the most common mixer grinder problems. The first thing to deal with leaks is to check and secure the blade securely. The damaged rubber gasket is another common cause of leaks. The rubber gasket can be easily replaced by yourself. They can be sold in nearby hardware stores. Leaks may also be caused by bottle cuts or cracks. If so, replace the bottle. You can buy them from a licensed dealer.

2. Glued buttons

Another common problem with the mixer is Stuck buttons. This occurs when a spill between the button of liquid or food ingredients. First, unplug the machine and perform a thorough cleaning to correct this problem. Certain models on the market are available to remove the face of the buttons, making the spaces between the buttons easier to clean. An old toothbrush will be decent enough for cleaning.

3. Incorrect grinding or slow turning blades 

This is one of the most important issues in the common grinder. It takes a long time to grind or liquid, so it can be very irritating. This problem occurs in most cases when food particles are blocked between the blades or their assembly. If so, disassemble the blades properly and soak them in warm soapy water. Leave for 10 minutes and carefully rub the pieces. Now assemble the mixer blade parts and turn the appliance on. Check that the blades are working faster than before.

4. Damaged bearings 

It may be because of damaged bearings if the blades do not rotate. In some cases, water or fluid can leak into the connection mechanism and reach the bearing of the mixer. Water corrodes and damages a metal bearing to such an extent that the blade can no longer rotate. This makes the whole mixer grinder useless.

In order to solve this problem, the first remedy is to turn the blades manually in the opposite direction. Add a few drops of oil (cococonut, mustard, or any other) to the linkage mechanism if this solution is not working. Now take a few minutes to turn the bottle upside down.

Now try turning the blades a few times manually. Keep the bottle back again for 10 minutes. Connect the bottle to the mixer and perform a test. If the blades start spinning easily, the issue is fixed.

5. Broken engine coupler 

The broken engine coupler can be another reason why mixer paddles don’t work. This problem can be caused by overload, poor quality of coupling material and if the device is not used for a longer period of time. The solution is to replace the engine coupler. Well, you may need professional help for this.

To prevent these may issues later, the blades, the container and other components should be washed regularly. One of the most important appliances in the kitchen is a mixer grinder. We rely heavily on this device, which makes it very difficult to handle if it does not function correctly.

You can now repair your device at home easily, knowing some common problems and methods of fixing them. Consult a professional or distributor if either of these methods does not work.

How should I Care/handle a Mixer Grinder?

A few basic rules are the perfect way of caring for your mixer grinder; don’t fill in jars, stop grinding hot food, don’t run the unit straight for longer than 5 minutes. There are often other items to pay attention… For your convenience, we listed them below.

  • Apply a little water and turn on when the grinding process is finished. The stream absorbs the whole weight of the cranks. This also simplifies the washing process. It also prevents the flow of salt water and other liquids onto the mixer paddles and more.
  • Through the jar face up after cleaning the bottles until it dries. This stops water from entering the blades and other mechanisms.
  • Replace the electrical plug first before cleaning the mixer. Clean the engine base with a wet cloth. And clean a dry rag with it.
  • Stop mixing in the mixer’s motor base detergent-based fluids and chemical cleaning solutions. Just clear water is safe and sufficient.

Why will the mixer grinder stop working suddenly?

The fault turn will shut off the power supply for security purposes when the mixer grinder gets too hot or overheats. The first step whether anything occurs becomes to disconnect the power cord from the plug. Turn the mixer grinder upside down. Every mixer grinder has a red safety overload switch underneath it. Click the button and wait for it to cool down completely for a few minutes.

When the grinder is properly cleaned, the light will automatically turn on. Whether you want to use the app immediately, run it for about 30 seconds without loading. Anything helps the engine to restart.

In fact, overloading takes place when you load and run at high speed for too long. Cut the ingredients in half to prevent this problem. Attach a little water to reduce the friction on the engine when the grinding material is too dense.

Best Mixer Grinder – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the components of a mixer grinder?

The main products in all the mixer grinding models are liquid carafe, chutney carafe, grinding carafe, non-slip foot design, ergonomic handles, blades, high-protective cap / lid and adjustable control knot.

How long a mixer grinder does offers the warranty services?

The mixer grinder guarantee provides the product for 2-5 years and the motor for 5 years. This depends mainly on brands and can usually vary according to the mixer grinder’s model and price.

What’s a grinder mixer?

Mixer Grinder is a kitchen equipment that helps to grind or mix various ingredients. Pulses, green chilies, grains, ginger, garlic, and dried pasta or powdered spices are ingredients that you can mix in a mixer grinner. This device can be used to prepare dosa and idlis chutneys and batteries. This machine can be used for dry and wet grinding.

What are the advantages of using a blender?

The blender is a beautiful kitchen appliance used to bake, grind, knead and smoothy etc. They simplify the cooking process for beginners, hobbyists, chefs and make natural ingredients more enjoyable.

Which mixer is best for squeezing hard fruits or vegetables like carrots or apples?

We actually recommend that you go with a food processor when squeezing hard fruit or vegetables. No matter how much a grinder handles, the juice requires more power, such as 1000 watts, not only available with a blender.

Is it possible to use the juicer for citrus juicing?

Yeah, of course. You can only add the citrus and mix it together. Before adding them to the jar, remove the seeds. Juicers can also be used for mixing oranges, watermelons, spinach and other products.

Can food be mixed without holding the upper eyelid?

If you can, if you can. But we recommend that the lid be closed tightly. It is also not recommended to mix or grind too much food in the mixer. Due to pressure inside the bottle and vibration, you may experience possibilities of spillage.

Are grinders considered safe when water or other liquids are used?

Yes they are. Yes they are. In order to ensure safety, we recommend selection of mixer grinders without ABS. This guarantees quality grinding with minimum chance of overload or any other reason for damage and shock.

Do I notice every time I use my mixer a burning smell? What can the reason be? What could the reason be?

It’s usually all right to get a smoky or burnt smell during mixer use. However, it is best to contact your customer support if you experience this every time. Because any engine problem can cause the smell.

Why is it important to purchase a mixer grinder?

Batters, pasta, hot sauces, spices and masalas are an important part of our Indian cuisine. That’s why mixer grinders are an integral part of every Indian kitchen. Masalas and other pastes were previously made with grinding stones by hand in ancient times.

This process has proven more appealing than using a blender. In today’s hectic days, however, the manual grinding of the ingredients is impossible, because it takes a lot of time and energy. You can make a paste, dough or powder in one click with a mixer grinder without any hassle. Some of these ingredients also include additional kneading accessories, coconut breaking and others.

Is it all right to use a blender rather than a blender?

A mixer can be useful for mixing batters, mixing food products and cutting stuff. But it essentially does not have a mixer grinder’s engine capacity. It cannot therefore handle important tasks, and certainly cannot provide fine powder when dry ingredients are mixed. Therefore, an efficiency and capacity mixer is much better. However, you can use the mixer for small jobs if you don’t have a mixer.

Are mixer grinders safe to use as water or other fluids?

Yes, ABS shock free mixer grinders have ever been chosen to obtain quality grinding with minimum chances of shock or excess damage for every reason.

How does the mixer differ from the food processor?

Most of us believe that mixers and food processors are identical, but there are many differences. A mixer grinder can handle tasks such as mixing, grinding and mixing. However, many tasks, including chopping, grinding, mixing dough, shredding and cutting, can be handled by a food processor.

What is the average power demand for these blender grinders?

The average power required for these mixer grinders is between 450 and 750 watts. The more electricity the more powerful the grinding machines become. The hard grinding of cocoa and hard vegetables can be carried out by those who need more than 750 watts.

Can these be used for the purpose of citrus juicing?

Yes, you can certainly use the juicing jars but you can remove the seeds as they will add the bitter taste to the juice. Juicers can be used for beet milk, watermelon, strawberries, etc. 3. What is the solution for tough vegetables, such as carrots and apples?
The food processors can juic hard vegetables, apples etc. Regardless of how efficient grinders always remind you of hard vegetable juicing needs mixers with more power than about 1000 Watts.

Why is it that every time I use my mixer, I get burnt smell?

It is OK if you first get it when you use the mixer or the second one, but make sure that you contact the customer service if you keep getting the burnt smell.

Is it possible to mix food without retaining the upper lids?

Yes, but I always recommend to make sure that the lid is closed correctly and that not too much food is placed inside the mixer to be mixed or mixed. Due to vibration 6, there are always risks of overflowing.

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You have just seen the features of India’s best mixie brands. Let us now end the article with a few hints about how to use the blend effectively.

  • Do not use hot materials, as the jar walls may be harmful.
  • Ensure that enough water is applied when making Idly, Dosa Batters, and purees.
  • It is necessary to have proper earthing structures in place to avoid any needless injuries.
  • Enable air within the jar to escape before mixing

This guide would be helpful when you want to buy the right mixer for your house. Husbands will remember that they will not get their diet without the mixie. Therefore, many houses have a spare mix if one develops a problem.

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