5 Best Water Dispensers in India 2022 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews!

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5 Best Water Dispensers in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews!
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Are you looking for the Best water dispensers in India 2022? You are in the right place. we’ve included 5 water dispensers along with their Buying GuideRatingsPros-Cons, and FAQs to help you find the right one for you.

Summer has reached its peak in India with places like Chennai and Hyderabad already feeling the heat. It’s really a great feeling to open the fridge and have a cool cold water drink.

The problem arises when the children in the house always forget to refill the water bottles in the refrigerator. Therefore, you have to face disappointment sometimes.

You need cold water and it is not just in the fridge. Perhaps a water dispenser can help you. Yes it can. Now we will see the simple guide to buy water dispensers.

When making the purchase, we recommend considering certain factors such as …

Type: In the Indian market , there are two types of water dispensers: top-loading and bench-top. Freestanding or top-loading ones are suitable for office and home spaces (where access to pipes may be far away). Counters are best for homes with limited space or if you want to place them on a table.   

Capacity: Top-loading water dispensers can hold 20 liters of water bottle. While the counters can only hold 5 liters of water bottle.      

Cooling and heating rate: This function tells you how much heat or cold the water can reach in an hour. For the hot water setting, 5 liters per hour at 90 degrees C is considered effective. While for cold water it is 2.5 liters/hour at 12 degrees C per hour it is good.       

Other notable considerations include construction material, drip trays, child lock, and others that are clearly mentioned in our ” Water Dispenser Buying Guide. ”    

We have also provided a list of the best water dispensers in India after a thorough investigation, one analysis of its features and a deep understanding of their efficiency. 

Best Water Dispensers in India: 2022

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1. Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

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Voltas is a trusted name in the field of water dispenser. With high product quality and pocket prices, Voltas is one of the most preferred brands for a water dispenser in India.

This Voltas Plastic Pearl water dispenser is a standalone water dispenser. The elegant design and attractive black body are very attractive. It can be used for both residential and official use.

Voltas Plastic Pearl water dispenser is the First best water dispenser on the list.


  • Compressor cooling
  • Scratch-proof surface
  • Less in maintenance
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Compact yet spacious


  • The refrigerator only offers minimal cooling

2. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star

[amazon box=”B00V679BEC” title=””]

The 60-year-old Blue Star company is considered one of the most trusted brands for manufacturing water purifiers, dispensers, air conditioners, etc. And the Blue Star BWD3FMRGA water dispenser is our top pick on the list.

The dispenser has 3 temperature taps to provide you with hot, normal and cold water. Just press the exact touch switch and you’re done. The water supply capacity is 3 liters of cold water and 5 liters of hot water per hour. There is also a 14-liter bottom-mounted refrigerator. You can easily store your bottles, boxes, and canned food there.

Blue Star has an extensive after-sales service network throughout India. And they stick to your claims and warranty offers. The only fault is with the missing valve cover. Otherwise, it is an all-rounder.


  • Quiet operation
  • LED indicator
  • Spill-proof bottle holder
  • Easy spill-proof tray
  • Low power consumption


  • Does not provide valve cap.

3. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

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This Usha water dispenser, one of the best products available on the market, can dispense hot, cold and normal water at the touch of a tap. The cooling cabinet at the bottom of the machine acts as an additional storage facility for your water bottles and fruit juices, especially during the hot summer months.

The best part of this dispenser is the childproof lock. It will allow you to lock the device so that your children don’t accidentally burn their hands. The device cabinet is corrosion resistant, ensuring its long-lasting performance. It also uses an ecological refrigerant.

The manufacturer makes no warranty, which is the biggest setback of this product. Otherwise, the device works perfectly. The security lock is the best part along with the antibacterial taps. Choose it if you have a smaller budget.


  • Dispenses hot, cold, and normal water
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Easy to use with LED indicators
  • Child lock facility


  • Need to place the refilling water bottle on the top of the machine

4. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

[amazon box=”B01CR0MKXK” title=””]

It is a bottom-charging water dispenser capable of circulating with great ease cold, dry, and regular water. The best part of this water dispenser is it doesn’t need to be mounted. This is a basic kind of installation of a plug and plays unit.

The encouraging feature of this device is that there is no need to lift and hold the bottle above the machine. You can just slide it down into the cabinet.

The body is made of durable ABS plastic. The tank is made of food grade stainless steel. You don’t even need to pierce the bottle cap because the heavy duty bottle piercer takes care of it. This product comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.


  • No installation required
  • No need to lift and place the water bottle on top of the machine
  • Capable of dispensing hot, cold, and normal water


  • No separate refrigerator for storing cold water

5. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser 

[amazon box=”B011BUR8BG” title=””]

Backed by high-quality Voltas technology, this water dispenser supplies hot, cold, and normal water with ease. With a cooling capacity of 2.5 liters per hour and a heating capacity of 5 liters per hour, this appliance consumes 500 watts of electricity.

Voltas mini magic pure-T is an elegant but compact water dispenser. You can choose it on Blue Start if you have budget problems.

The product is the best in its price range. It serves well the purpose! The safety interlock system and housing anticorrosive make it more reliable and durable. It is a product that is easy to maintain and clean. But the after-sales services offered are not something to brag about


  • Hot water safety lock
  • Scratch-resistant outer surface
  • Needs little extra maintenance
  • Voltas technology


  • Flimsy bottle holder
  • After-sale service not upto the mark
  • No refrigeration

Why do we need a water dispenser ?    

The main task of having a water dispenser is to dispense clean and fresh drinking water. However, an efficient and versatile water dispenser can have multiple benefits.

1. Drinking water

It provides drinking water and does not include chemicals, unlike in the water tap. Many of them come with water filters that allow you to stay healthy by making you drink clean water. The water stays cool away from bacteria or other contaminants. 

2. Hot or cold water

The water dispensers used in commercial buildings have hot and cold water facilities. Therefore, regardless of the weather, you can drink water to feel comfortable. Also, you can use cold water to prepare cocktails and hot water for drinks like tea and coffee. 

3. Convenience

It allows you to use it conveniently and you can get a glass of fresh water with a single touch. Even children can have their own glass of water, and you don’t have to worry about serving them often. You will have to make less effort and you will not have to open the fridge or grab a container of water. 

4. Better flavor

Some of the dispensers come with attached filters that improve the taste of the water, resulting in increased water consumption. It will allow you to easily prepare your favorite recipes , such as soups and coffees. You can have a refreshing taste of water at the touch of a button.    

5. Storage

The one that comes with a storage cabinet reduces the burden of repeatedly filling bottles. In a water dispenser, there will be no risk of contamination compared to normal water storage. If you have drinking water that comes through a pipe, like the municipal supply, there are dedicated models for the same. The rest is where you should use a large container of water that Indians generally buy from an outside provider.  

6. Portability

It comes in a compact design and allows you to place it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about plumbing if it comes in a countertop design. If you have a dedicated space, you can go for a separate water dispenser. If space is not available, there are wall mounted water dispensers. A except for the model mounted on the wall, the rest is easily portable.   

How many different types of water dispensers are available?

Basically, there are five types of water dispensers available, and they are as follows.

1. Tabletop water dispenser 

For families with limited space, this will be an ideal choice as it comes in a space-saving design. It is perfect for placing on the counter and allows you to connect it to the water line or use a bottle.  

The benchtop water dispenser comes in a compact design and allows you to move it smoothly. This has wide application and offers one optimal performance. It is suitable for a single person or a couple.    

2. Independent top-loading water dispenser

This type of water dispenser comes in a lightweight design and can be perfect for home use. It is suitable for those spaces where the pipe is far away. You will need a 20 liter water jug. Simply place it in an inverted position on top of the unit and plug it in to access drinking water.  

The system needs to replace the empty bottle when the water runs out. This is easy to operate and provides you with clean drinking water cost-effectively. You can easily move it when you need clean water to drink. However, it comes with a disadvantage, since raising the water container to be placed on the dispenser can be one strenuous work.    

3. Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Despite the fact that a bottom-loading water dispenser is available in the market, it is not popular in India. This is very convenient to use and perfect for office use. It has a smooth operation and eliminates the need to repeatedly lift the water container.  

You just have to take it to the dispenser, which is a simple task and push it into the machine. The system is ideal for those places where there are fewer hands to collect the water container and fix it. Since the water has to be pumped, it is expensive than the top-loading ones. 

4. Wall mounted water dispenser

A wall-mounted water dispenser is connected to the building’s water for the continuous supply of water and electricity to operate its built-in water cooling unit. It is also connected to the disposal pipeline of the building to drain the waste / unused water volume. This system is very convenient and can be perfect for commercial buildings like schools and hospitals. Some of them may include a button on the side or front, and others may not include a button. Those without a button come with sensors that automatically activate water when it detects someone. This allows direct drinking and offers easy functionality. These dispensers are supplied directly from the main source of water to which it is connected, without treatment or filtration.     

5. Bottleless water dispenser

Bottleless water dispensers filter water by connecting to a pipe. Also known as a POU (Point of Use) dispenser, it offers a larger filtration system to provide you with better quality water. The whole process requires water from the tap, and ensures you get drinking water, unlike normal taps. It offers better functionality and allows you to use it conveniently. This type of water dispenser can be perfect for commercial use including schools, offices and industries.   

The perspective of the bottleless water dispenser is similar to that of the mounted dispenser. However, its difference lies in the fact that the bottleless water dispenser can serve more people compared to the mounted dispenser. It also saves space and is low maintenance. 

Buying Guide – What To Look Before Buying a water dispenser?

Sometimes it becomes difficult for users to choose which of the many products is useful and the best. Below are some of the points to consider before purchasing a water dispenser.


If you feel that your home cannot accommodate a large water dispenser, always look for a counter water dispenser. They manage your space in the house. For office use , you can choose large dispensers.    

Plan to use it

Plan ahead what type of water dispenser you want to choose from. Would it be a bottled water dispenser or an automatic water refill ? The bottled water dispenser requires a large amount of manual energy to charge and discharge a 5 gallon water bottle.     

Hot and cold feature

Please choose wisely before buying it. If you stay in a place where you live in cold weather for six months and in hot weather for another six months, choose the hot and cold water dispenser.

Drip tray

While the cup is filling, people often face a problem of water overflow. Choose a dispenser with a drip tray so that overflowing water doesn’t spill on the floor .  

Cup holder

It’s always doable and good if your water dispenser has a cup holder. You don’t need to worry about finding your mug in the kitchen. Put your cups on the holder. 

Safety function ( lock for children )   

Your children can spill water on your floor. Buy a product that has child insurance. You don’t have to worry about your child spilling water everywhere. Even while using the hot water faucet, you should not fear that your child’s skin will burn from excessive heat.  


When purchasing a dispenser, note that it is internally equipped with a filter. It is not good if the function of your dispenser is simply to cool and heat your water.     


It would be feasible if the body of your dispenser is such that it requires less maintenance.

Standard decision

Choose your dispenser wisely when deciding what use you need the dispenser for. It is doable if you choose, the wall mounted dispenser if you put it in some public places like parks, trails. It is good if you place the bottled dispenser ( without refrigerator) in offices and buildings. If you want to place the dispenser in your home, look for a bottled dispenser ( with refrigerator).          


One of the essential characteristics when deciding on any dispenser is its storage capacity. The number of users for that product and its daily requirements are some factors that decide storage. If you want to install it in your home, it may require a small storage requirement. Although, if you are going to fix it in any public place or offices and buildings, always look for a large storage capacity dispenser, so you do not have the hassle of loading and unloading water every time you finish.     

Purification technique

Today’s market offers you a variety of different types of dispensers. The main purpose of a dispenser is to filter / purify water; There are other functions of the dispenser. Check all specifications of the product and choose the one that you see fit.       

Best Water Dispensers 2022– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the function of a water dispenser?

Water dispensers are a very useful source of safe, purified drinking water in workplaces, restaurants, hospitals, and other public places. They give you easy access to clean and safe drinking water . Furthermore, they are designed to provide water at different temperatures (hot, normal or cold) according to your needs. 

What does self-cleaning water dispenser mean?

These water dispensers come with a self-cleaning function that disinfects the dispenser so that it is free of germs, viruses and bacteria. This ensures that the water remains safe and fresh for an extended period.

Does the water dispenser purify the water?

Bottleless water dispensers are capable of purifying water before entering the storage tank. These water dispensers do not have space to place the water jug. Therefore, they come with a purification system that includes alkaline + RO , RO + UV + UF, or a combination of all to make the water dispensed safe and suitable for consumption.   

Does the water dispenser use electricity?

Yes, water dispensers require electricity to purify and dispense water. A water dispenser that provides hot or cold water requires four times as much electricity to heat the water. However, specific models that do not have a provision for adjusting the water temperature do not require electricity. 

How water dispenser works ?

The methods and techniques are different in different products. Although the basic technique of the dispenser is that water is poured from the top. There is a valve through which the water enters the dispenser and prevents the water from overflowing. The water is then cooled using a coolant.   

Coolant is a cooling medium that is transmitted within pipes. The compressor compresses the liquid into gas. When this coolant is in a gaseous state, it can absorb heat from normal water and make the water cool and drinkable. 

What is the water dispenser?  

Water dispensers release water from the main line tap or tank through a small tap. This is made up of bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet etc.
Some dispensers come with a filtration technique.

This filtration process is carried out using activated carbon that prevents the entry of harmful contaminants.    

Since most of the pollutants entering the water are carbon based, this method is beneficial. It also removes other chemicals like chlorine from the water.

What is water purification? 

As the name implies, purifying means purifying the water of harmful and harmful pollutants. The water purifier uses chemicals like iodine and chlorine in its cleaning process .   
Another water purification includes the method that uses a semipermeable membrane that does not allow the passage of harmful contents. This process is known as a reverse osmosis process; removes unwanted chemicals like magnesium and calcium, which are the important salts responsible for hardening water. 

Maintenance tips for a water dispenser?

Even when you buy a self-cleaning water dispenser, you must make a regular maintenance effort. Lack of regular maintenance will affect the quality of the water like bacteria, and the formation of fungi will be rampant.

Whenever you feel that the taste of the water has deteriorated and the water is not crystal clear, you should thoroughly clean the water dispenser.

To clean a water dispenser, follow the steps below.

Step 1 . Unplug the dispenser to avoid electrocution. 
Step 2 . If your water dispenser has a water protector, remove it by grasping it on both sides and pulling it out. 
Step 3 . Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the water protector and all removable parts. 
Step 4. Prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 cup of water and use it to clean the reservoir. Drain it and rinse it several times. Replace the water protection kit.   
Step 5 . If there is a drip tray, you should wash it with soapy water. Make sure the building material is completely gone.  
Step 6 . After using a soapy water solution, immerse all parts in clean water and wash them thoroughly several times to completely remove the soapy smell. 

Be sure to dry the pieces with a dry towel, and you can let the water dispense the first time after cleaning, as the taste of the water may be unusual. You can start drinking from next time.

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The water dispenser is a new participant in the home with people who are now warming up. The fact that these water dispensers described above do not perform any special purification of the water can dissuade people from choosing it.

However, it saves them a lot of work and electricity, since they don’t need to use the refrigerator to cool their drinking water. A tap of the tap allows them to obtain hot, cold or normal water in a short time. No wonder, it is increasing in popularity in recent times.

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